Ohio details!

Many of you were anxious to find out more about my trip to Columbus, Ohio in a few weeks, and here’s the information you need. This is to be a Darwin Day banquet, open to the public, but there is a charge. It’s on 14 February, so you could always bring a date and say it’s their Valentine’s Day gift, too.


  1. Copache says

    I might show for this. It’s close enough that I could arrange it…

    But I never have a valentines date so that’s out of the question.

  2. Fred Mounts says

    I’ll probably bring my mom, whom has recently seen the light. She’s reading The God Delusion, and has even been sharing it with my dad. They both recognize the ridiculousness of religion, but my dad can’t conceive how every exists without starting it off. Actually, the talk might convince him of the truth.

    So, I’ll still be referring to February 14 as S.A.D –> Singles Appreciation Day. Unless any of the ladies here would like to accompany me. Asking here isn’t too pathetic, is it?

  3. rebecca says

    Wow, I would love to go. I might have to drive up from Nashville, but what could be better for Valentine’s Day?

  4. Quiet Desperation says

    so you could always bring a date and say it’s their Valentine’s Day gift

    So it’s sort of a contraceptive, too? Because, seriously, *no* sex will be happening after a gift like that.

    I tease. :-)

  5. says

    Hey! I think me and my wife will be driving down from Cleveland! She’s the sort that would fall for a line like, “Want to go to a humanist banquet for Valentine’s? You’ll like it better than Titanic, I plomise.”

  6. says

    I should warn everyone, though, that this won’t be one of my firebreathing godless talks, it will be one of my sciencey talks, with a little history thrown in.

  7. Mandy says

    I’ll be there! And yes, some girls do think that this would be a great Valentine’s Day date! I just hope they offer vegetarian fare – I’d hate to blow $35 and go home hungry.

  8. Nerd of Redhead says

    Darwin was a racist.

    Ah, so nice to see one of the lack of perspective twits show up. Anything to put as stain on Darwin, who was just a fallable man. It does nothing to detract from his theory, which has been strengthened greatly in the 150 years since Darwin first published his book. So much so it now goes by the name “Modern Synthesis”. Now go back to your basement in your parents house and let the big people make their social engagements.

  9. fred c dobbs says

    pz –

    while in ohio, would you please remind the good people there that the mountain’s name is denali, not mckinley.

    fred c dobbs don’t say nuthin’ he don’t mean…

  10. says

    Ok, so by V-day I need to have a disposable date with a car willing to cover the entrance fee (and my dinner ><) and hopefully is intelligent enough to not fall asleep or act like a total bore... I'm doomed.

  11. John Chrysostom says

    Darwin’s theory of natural selection is racist. The subtitle of Origin of Species is “Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.” Favoured Races? Struggle for Life? Where have we heard that before?

  12. says

    My, you are an idiot, aren’t you? Language usage has changed since the 19th century. Darwin was not referring to “races” in the sense you are using them, but to varieties. Like in pigeons.

    Just curious, but have you actually read the book? Or just the title?

  13. says

    Oh, and are you planning to spam lots of random threads with random comments completely unrelated to the topic being discussed? Let me know if you are, so I can preemptively ban you and save myself a little work.

  14. MisterDomino says

    You’re coming to Columbus? And you’re going to be talking science and history?


    Screw the whole dating thing, I’m so there!

  15. LB says

    You ought to make the trek down to Cincinnati and check out the creationist museum if you have not yet indulged your funny bone.

  16. Fred Mounts says

    Thus spake ildi @10:

    Fred: It would only be pathetic if your mom is included on the date.

    True that. I’m not quite to the Seymour Skinner level of patheticness yet. There’s little hope, that’s true, but there’s is a smidgen.

  17. Gary Parker says

    Since you’re going to be in Columbus, will the honorable Frank Zindler of American Atheists also be in attendence?

  18. ildi says

    Ok, people, I’m coming to this gala fest all by my lonesome, even though I’m more comfortable showing up at a bar by myself than a place like the Fawcett Center, and if this lady can do it, y’all can too. (Location is probably a reason for the higher price – it will feel somewhat conferencey, I’m guessing.)

    I’m assuming that something is being planned for afterward for those unwilling/unable to shell out the jack for the FC?

  19. ewige says

    Gah! I would love to attend this, but that entire day I am driving down to Georgia to visit relatives!

    Had this been held actually ON Darwin Day, I could’ve attended. Ah well. Hope you have a chance to stop by Betty’s or Jeni’s (for a pint or a pint, respectively) while you’re out here.

  20. Triffid says

    I’ll be coming all the way from Edmonton for it!
    I kid; I was frustrated at having recently moved to North Carolina, because it meant I missed you in Alberta. The upshot of it, though, is that for only a seven-hour drive (my Valentine’s gift; in return, I bought the tickets for us both), we get to spend Darwin Day with a *science-based* (our favorite kind) lecture by P.Z. Myers!
    Where’s the doin’s after the lecture? Can we tag along?

  21. Tarrkid says

    PZ, what are the chances of this selling out ahead of time?

    My wife and I are trying to figure out how we can get up there from Louisville to see this (organizing a babysitter, etc.), but being in Mid-February, we’re a little worried that a blizzard might come through, making the 4-hr drive more like a 12-hour deathtrap, and then the ticket price going to waste.

    If we were fairly confident we could still buy tickets just a couple days ahead of the event, that would ease our fears a little bit.