1. bob loblaw says

    pixies and pharyngula. i never thought i would see the day, a perfect combination. happy monkey day, one and all!

  2. says

    I can remember purple microdot, but only because there are about three days I can almost remember; I’m assured that I was a very happy monkey at the time.

  3. DLC says

    Happy Monkey Mister Potter!
    Happy Monkey you beautiful old Savings and Loan !

    Bert ! My mouth’s bleedin! . . .

  4. James F says

    Yes!!!! Pixies!!!!

    (my personal Pixies connection: my old band’s first drummer played for Kim Deal at the Plough and Stars in Cambridge, MA)

  5. Rey Fox says

    Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge from New York and New Jersey…

    Boy, what an antidote for the music at the mall today.

  6. dean says

    Arctic Monkeys “Who The F*** Are The Arctic Monkeys?”
    Beastie Boys “Brass Monkey”
    Foo Fighters “Monkey Wrench”
    Gorillaz “Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head”
    Jethro Tull “Steel Monkey”
    Joe Satriani “Psycho Monkey”
    Michael Franks “Monkey See-Monkey Do”
    New York Dolls “Dance Like A Monkey”
    Rush “The Main Monkey Business”
    Steely Dan “Monkey In Your Soul”
    The Beatles “Everyone’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey”
    The Beatles “Too Much Monkey Business”
    The Road Kings “Hurdy Gurdy Monkey Shine”
    Traveling Wilburys “Tweeter And The Monkey Man”

  7. Happy Kiwi says

    Nice list Dean. An entire “Happy Monkey” compilation album. The perfect gift for the evolutionist you love.

    Happy Monkey!

  8. Wowbagger says

    Don’t forget the Dandy Warhols album Welcome to the Monkey House – with the title track of the same name.

  9. says

    Pixies rock. I just checked the page after 3 days in hospital w/o the internet, now I’ve got the feeling!
    Happy Monkey Professor and to all!

  10. GK4 says

    Let us not forget Stimpson J. Cat of _The Ren and Stimpy Show_, and his song “I’m Gonna Be a Monkey”.

  11. says

    Whee, Pixies! Also add Chuck Berry’s “Too Much Monkey Business” to Dean’s list above.

    I have other monkey tracks, but they aren’t particularly happy. Sad/angry monkey?

    The Jesus Lizard – Monkey Trick
    KMFDM – Urban Monkey Warfare
    White Zombie – Grease Paint and Monkey Brains
    Minus the Bear – Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!
    Marilyn Manson – My Monkey
    Turbonegro – Monkey on Your Back
    Bush – Monkey
    Lightning Bolt – 30000 Monkeys

    And of course S.O.D.’s “Monkeys Rule” with lyrics such as:
    “most people I see are less human then an ape /
    cranking babies out, like factories of hate”
    “lock them in a cage like a monkey in a zoo /
    We’ll see who laughs last the day when monkeys rise to rule”

  12. Don Smith, FCD says

    “Hey, hey, we’re the Monkees!”

    Or am I the only one here old enough to remember that one?

  13. cirrus2000 says

    Aaaahhhh! Worlds collide! My favourite band, featured on my favourite blog! Pardon me as I get all fanboy-y!

  14. bastion says

    “Mickey’s Monkey” by several legendary groups including Smokey Robinson and The Miracles and Martha and the Vandellas.

    Here’s the Martha and the Vandella’s version:

  15. Stooge says

    Pixies. Sweet.

    I am strangely compelled to admit now that, though I don’t believe in gods because there is no evidence outside severely questionable texts, I DO believe in Mr. Grieves. Is that an inconsistency?

  16. says

    I proposed this in another thread, but it is not written yet. Maybe one of you can paraphrase it: Poo! the Herald Monkeys Fling.

    But since so many have proposed rock carols, I will be the stiff upper lip cultural elitist and propose

    Pavel Haas’ string quartet no.2, op.7: From the Monkey Mountains, movm. I-IV,
    Henry Purcell’s Monkeys’ Dance from The Fairy Queen and
    Saint Vitus’ Ice Monkey

  17. says

    (Apologies for second post, wrong section last time)

    Happy monkey, happy monkey on the dusty road
    Got to keep on plodding onwards with your precious load
    Been a long time, happy monkey, through the winters night
    Dont give up now, happy monkey,
    Galapagos in sight

    Ring out those bells tonight
    Galapagos, Galapagos
    Follow that star tonight
    Galapagos, Galapagos

    Happy monkey, happy monkey, had a heavy day
    Happy monkey, carry Darwin safely on his way
    Happy monkey, happy monkey, journey’s end is near
    There are monkies waiting for a sign to bring them here

    Do not falter happy monkey, there’s a star above
    It will guide you, happy monkey, to some islands with a very rich local fauna that will help you formulate a theory to explain the apparent miraculous design of life and overturn the stranglehold of millennia of superstitious nonsense.

    Ring out those bells tonight
    Galapagos, Galapagos
    Follow that star tonight
    Galapagos, Galapagos

    Happy monkey, happy monkey, had a heavy day
    Happy monkey, carry Darwin, safely on his way
    Happy monkey, carry Darwin, safely on his way

  18. says

    Bloodhound Gang: “The bad touch” (Monkey Clip more than song, but with a good evilutionary meme “We ain’t nothing but mammal” :D )

  19. vombatus says

    Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys
    Welcome To The Monkey House – The Dandy Warhols
    Monkeyland – The Chameleons
    Champagne For Monkeys – Gomez
    Monkey Dot – Money Mark (Monkey Mark?)
    Monkey Island – 13th Floor Elevators
    and finally Shock The Monkey – Peter Gabriel
    just a sampling of the Happy Monkey carols in my iTunes music. There a few others, but this is the cream of stuff not already mentioned.
    And to echo #1, Pharyngula and The Pixies…two great tastes that taste great together.

  20. Blondin says

    Has anybody mentioned “Monkey Wash, Donkey Rinse” by Warren Zevon?

    How ’bout “Gorilla, You’re a Desperado”?

  21. phantomreader42 says

    “We Are Monkeys” By Travis, a band I only know of from that one song on the Malcolm in the Middle soundtrack. But it seems to fit.

  22. says

    I offer up Robbie William’s Me & My Monkey, cos no one else writes a song about a Monkey in dungarees and rollerblades and monkey whores!

    Happy Monkey to all and to all a good day!

  23. SteveyD says

    I’m 26 and I absolutely love them. I’ll echo everyone else here saying Pixies + Pharyngula = more awesome than you can possibly imagine.

  24. SplendidMonkey says

    James Taylor Gorilla

    He’s got arms like legs
    He’s got hands on his feet
    He’s got a nose like a doughnut
    He’s got a tendency to over eat
    He don’t use tools or weapons
    He don’t eat meat
    He likes to stick to the bushes
    Tends to avoid the street

    But he rides my El Dorado baby
    When he comes to town
    You know he’s out there somewhere
    Tryin’ to track you down

  25. Longtime Lurker says

    Kim Deal? Now that’s the best deal ever!

    I was gonna post the original “Monkey Man” by Toots and the Maytals, but I am compelled to post the unrelated, but sublime, “Sweet and Dandy”:

    Does it get any better than that?

  26. Nemo says

    I once tried to make “The Monkey Album” out of some MP3’s I had laying around. I didn’t get very far, though — only to EP length:

    2001 – Also Sprach Zarathustra
    Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven
    George Michael – Monkey
    Ren & Stimpy – I Wanna Be a Monkey
    Peter Gabriel – Shock the Monkey
    Warren Zevon – Leave My Monkey Alone