I wish this were a Poe

But it seems to be serious. You have to read Christians AGAINST Cartoons — it claims that most cartoons are part of an anti-Christian campaign, and that they promote unwholesome values (like, say, a sense of humor). You will learn that Dora the Explorer promotes SATANISM and COMMUNISM, and that she has a TALKING GOAT (nudge, nudge). Hello Kitty leads children into Egyptian paganism. Adult Swim Sin is nothing but pornography and perversion. As for Spongebob Squarepants…Heads of the BEAST Ridden by the Mother of HARLOTS!!! Abomination of the Earth!!!

Man, now I have a real itch to turn on Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network.


  1. Seiberwing says

    Admittedly, Adult Swim isn’t the most family-friendly of shows.

    But I’m thinking this is a joke.

  2. says

    That’s got to be a Poe. Every article has the byline of “Bro. Cletus”, and notice that the “God Hates Gays” link in the sideline is a parody.

    This, of course, just proves that Poe’s Law is one of the fundamental laws of the universe.

  3. Joe says

    I really thought this website was satire. It can be so hard to tell.

    I was struck by the quotation, regarding “beestiality”-sex with bees!:
    “And note that Hollywood wasn’t content to begin with a man and dog or woman and horse relationship, but went even further with its arrogance by green lighting sex between American women and bugs!

    For as it says in Leviticus 11:27:
    “And whatsoever goeth upon his paws, among all manner of beasts that go on all four, those are unclean unto you: whoso toucheth their carcass shall be unclean until the even.”

    Who thinks insects have four paws?

  4. says

    Lo, they are a wicked people. For they have not kept our commandments. And have laughed at Robot Chicken.

    Verily, there is no health in them.

  5. Blind Squirrel FCD says

    I think it is real. No one would go to that much work without a few more obvious clues if it were Poe. But as clinteas says, you cannot tell.

  6. 'This Himself says

    If saying “happy holidays” is a sign of the anti-Christ, then how can anyone doubt that SpongeBob SquarePants is a minion of Satan?

  7. Noam Zur says

    I SO hope this is satire… but I can’t say for sure.
    However – why stop there? It’s not only on TV, after all.
    Dilbert shows us the downward spiral of stopping to think by being micromanaged (substitute pointy-haired by pointy-hatted), where Garfield shows Egyptian paganism just as much as Hello Kitty does, in addition to promoting sloth and gluttony…

  8. Tom Woolf says

    There is no freaking way that is NOT a parody site. C’mon – that can’t be real…… Only one minor statement about South Park?

  9. says

    Hello Kitty is a gateway for Egyptian paganism? Well, I’m happy it’s good for something, because my daughter is obsessed by Teh Kitteh. Drives me crazy, which I guess is part of the appeal.

    If it’s not satire, it sure reads like it. Yes, it does.

  10. Dutch Delight says

    Whats the deal with “egyptian paganism”? Don’t they know their own religion is based partly on the ideas of early egyptian religions?

    This is sillyness on the same scale as people who think christmas is solely a christian holiday.

  11. says

    I vote for parody. Especially after I read the link about how Jesus uses his carrot.

    Say, does anyone know if there is a “Poe detector” out there? It would be tricky to devise one.

  12. Random Chimp says

    I ran the domain name against the whois database and it came back as registered to a Brendan Burch

    A Google search for that name reveals a Brendan Burch as the CEO “Six Point Harness Studios” (which just so happens to be an animation studio… oh the irony…)

  13. bigjohn756 says

    Poe or not? I think it’s difficult to decide, but, it seems to me that the prose at Christians AGAINST Cartoons is reminiscent of that used on the Landover Baptist Church site. (Disclaimer: I am a fervent follower of Pastor Deacon Fred and his Church.)

  14. Prof MTH says

    It may be for real. One of the outgoing links is to an anti-catholic website which contains some fairly standard ignorant Protestant propaganda against Catholicism. Another outgoing link is to Guideposts, a Reader’s Digest like magazine commonly found in religious affiliated hospitals.

    But what about the Rankin and Bass cartoons?!?! They have talking animals and a anthropomorphized Mother Nature.

  15. says

    Frankly, it’s pretty clear that it is a Poe. Phraseology such as “There are disturbing things in the “Dora the Explorer: Dance to the Rescue” DVD. This is potentially the most dangerous and blasphemous cartoon I have yet reviewed for this site” contains typical exageration of parodies.

    The problem is that parody of religious bigotry is only funny if that bigotry is not specially on rise. If bigotry is on the rise, parody loses part of its sense unless it is made in a utterly ridiculizing way.

  16. says

    I’d guess POE, but I’ve read the flat earth sites and they are deadly serious.

    Adult Swim gems they missed: “The Venture Brothers”, “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil”, “Moral Orel”.
    Of course the “South Park Easter Show” is an all time favorite for the discriminating heathen.

  17. scrabcake says

    This is definately a Poe. I know because my p’oemeter returned the “laugh” function instead of the “cringe” function. Also, hello kitty looks nothing like sakhmet, who is a lion headded goddess. Hello kitty is surely Tamiwt ( Egyptian for “teh kitteh”), a lesser demon of the underworld.

  18. JT says

    It’s definitely a parody. The easiest way to tell is by what this page is conspicuously missing: errors. This guy knows the subject entirely too well to be a non-fan.

  19. trj says

    Regardless of whether that site is satrirical, there really are some people who are this demented (“Harry Potter promotes witchcraft” springs to mind).

    Here’s a clear-cut example, which is not satire (although it is funny in its own idiotic way):

    Apparently, My Little Pony is a tool for the Anti-christ, and smurfs promote satanism.

  20. CS says

    This is satire. Check out some of the links on the left, particularly the “Gods and Gays” one which contains an interview with Jesus about how much he hates the gays.

  21. matt says

    Got to be satire. The level on intelligence and articulation in the prose is too high for it to be a truly crazy christian site. Plus, they referenced Rick “man-on-dog” Santorum! Sweet!

  22. cadicusthedamned says

    I call POE. This was one of the sister site links:
    What does the Bible say about Homosexuality?

    In the Book of Romans:

    “Thou shalt only put thy greased up carrot into barnholes.”

    In the Book of Moses:

    “And God said, ‘You are a bunch of stupid faggots and I hate you all.'”

    In the Book of Corintheans:

    “Screw off, you filthy homosexual pigs! You’re all a bunch of retarded perverts! God vomits all over you, you stupid morons!”

    In the Book of Proverbs:

    “Don’t give into your desires. It is best to live a lie for your entire life.”

    Those aren’t quotes from my King James Version of the Bible. Maybe the New International version though…

  23. says

    For earnest Christian fun that often seems to be a Poe but is really sincere, check out the movie reviews at ChildCare Action Project. These poor people actually count and catalog every profanity in movie dialog in their bizarre reviews. The South Park Movie really caused them to bust a gasket and blow a fuse (it’s a must-read review).

    The website is rather a mess and the reviews aren’t updated as rapidly as they once were, but it’s a clear window into the Christ-ridden Bible-twisted mind of the true believer. Scary!

  24. Gary says

    As the author of the only (as far as I know) Loki creationist post nominated for a POTM at t.o., in my expert* opinion, this is a well done satire.

    *I really can’t tell the difference between my ass and a hole in the ground.

  25. Morkleb says

    I hope this is satire, but I have my doubts. As someone else said, there was a lot of effort put into this site…

  26. Freakin 'n' Nerd says

    As “trj” (#35) says, whether Poe or not (and I’ve not made up my mind as to that), the reality is there ARE people who really think this way! As a former fundmenentalist christian I believed some pretty paranoid stuff. In other words you begin to see the devil everywhere. The first time I saw “Cocoon” I left the theater shivering because I just knew the aliens were “demons” diguised as “angels of light”. It’s an insanity that seems hard to believe exists unless you’ve actually been there

  27. co says

    Zeno@ 40: Thanks for that link. I did read the South Park review. It (and the movie) was great!
    I also googled “Thomas A. Carder”, the wacko CCAP’s President. I’m not sure if it’s the same guy who published a book titled Handling of Radiation Accident Patients by Paramedical and Hospital Personnel. That poor book gets a bad review based on a coincidence of names. Does anyone know if the book’s author and the CCAP President are the same person?

  28. says

    “he continuously lives in this deceptively fun looking hell.”

    The is nothing deceptively fun in Foster’s home for imaginary friends, it IS fun.

  29. Sven DiMilo says

    it seems to be serious

    Pretty clearly parody from where I sit.
    I would be interested, though, in Bro. Cletus’s treatment of what, IMO, is just about the only thing worth watching on television: Avatar.

  30. Sili says

    So, if someone was to show him Superbook or one of the other ‘wholesome’ Bible-exploring cartoons, would his head explode?

  31. ChrisKG says

    I couldn’t help but notice that there is a cartoon graven image of Jesus at the bottom of the main page. Strange.
    As for the Family Guy, they are dead on and that’s what makes it funny.

  32. says

    One of my readers has discovered conclusive evidence that this is a parody. (his comment is in my url, above)

    For me, I was suspicious of the rotating animated GIF crosses. But that’s just me.

  33. says

    I don’t know PZ, I think you may be wrong on this one. I think this is more likely a Poe, albeit one of the more entertaining ones I’ve seen.

  34. Adviser Moppet says

    They missed another Adult Swim show, it’s one of my favorites. SUPERJAIL! They couldn’t get a more raunchy, violent, bloody, gory show even if they scoured the Earth.

  35. é says

    BTW for the naive amongst us, someone please define “Poe” – is it an acronym for a parody site, i couldn’t find the def. on google, tx

  36. SteveR says

    It’s a parody..

    His review of Megas XLR says that it promotes the idea that “it’s okay to be white trash”.. Still very funny.

  37. Frasque says

    Well, Venture Bros. did have a character who used equations to prove Catholicism was a lie (of course, it turned out later the same equation was wrong about the existence of chupacabras).

  38. Random Chimp says

    é said:

    BTW for the naive amongst us, someone please define “Poe” – is it an acronym for a parody site, i couldn’t find the def. on google, tx

    Poe as in Poe’s Law:

    Without a blatant display of humor, it is impossible to distinguish religious fundamentalism from a parody thereof.

  39. John says

    Absolutely. I believe that what makes Poe’s law work is a deep congruity with Rule 34:

    No religious doctrine exists that is so nutty that it is not promoted by some member(s) of Christianity. Therefore, satire is impossible: for the satirical situation, if it does not already exist, will sprout into being when it encounters the fertile ground of Christian dumbness.
    From my own experience, here are a few examples learned while attending a fundie Baptist private school: (this is around 1980, btw)
    Smurfs were satanic. But that one’s common, really! Google it!
    Mars has canals, left there by the Noahic flood. Kinda retro for 1980.
    If that one’s not retro enough… The principal devoutly believed that apple cores are poisonous. No, not from the usual cyanide excuse; rather, the ancient pagan source of the Christian superstition. Cut an apple in half side-to-side rather than top to bottom, and you might see a pentagram with seeds at the points. He told us kids we’d summon demons which would possess us if we cut an apple this way, and that demons would torment us if we ate the core. (by the way, he’s still teaching. In a public school.)

  40. Kagehi says

    Umm. Got to be a Poe. There is no way they could watch Adult Swim, and “completely” miss Morel Orel, which is 100%, completely and totally, dedicated to mocking their religion… I mean seriously, the last several episodes have had the kid a) successfully convince his father to ban eggs as coming from a dirty place, b) his father, over the same egg issue, start an extra marital affair with the crazy loon that started Orel on the whole “ban sinful things” craze, due to them both being egg lovers (she was quite distraught at Orel picketing eggs, but went on with it anyway, since she couldn’t admit she was full of it), and finally, in the latest I saw, he is caught masturbating, gets told its a sin to kill “potential” babies, get the idea in his head, from his father, than its OK as long as it isn’t wasted, so becomes, “God’s baker”, running around the neighborhood at night using a frosting bag to get rid of his seed in sleeping women, only to later get told its only a) the missionary position that is right and b) “use of fun items during sex is a sin too”.

    I mean, you can just see every fundie loony in the kid, convinced he is trying to follow the right path, but too ignorant about “anything” resembling reality, to not get all of it dead wrong, or recognize that he has.

    So, yeah. If they can find the “Sin”, cartoon, but completely miss Morel Orel… Its Poe. lol

  41. Lee Picton says

    No question about it, it is satire. For one thing, there are a LOT of exclamation points. The quality of the writing is too high for it to be a fundie site (I check up on them occasionally and they are totally devoid of humor). This produced giggles rather than head-shaking and “brother Cletus” is nearly a clone of Pastor Deacon Fred. This was produced by someone with some real talent – maybe even an unfortunate recently out of work in this economy

  42. says

    Urban Dictionary, though annoying at times, is your friend:

    Poe’s Law

    I especially love the second definition.

    Weirdly, that second definition does seem to be what the Harry Lee Poe mentioned there really wrote. The Poe’s law on parody was (according to rational wiki) due to some liberal Christian on a Christian forum called Nathan Poe. Wikipedia’s list of eponymous laws also carries an (Edgar Allan) Poe’s law on the length of poems.

  43. Kev says

    Satire – and very sweet. The domain registrant (Brendan Burch, as Random Chimp said) is listed as a producer of “Sunday Pants”, a TV comedy show that includes characters like “Gordon the Devil”. Yup, quite nice.

  44. Sven DIMilo says

    Dave (#72): Could you please specify to whom your weird cowardly threat is addressed? Thanks!

  45. says

    I vote Poe based on the advertisement for MetalForJesus.com the link reads: “These guys love Jesus HARDER than anyone we know! METAL FOR JESUS.COM”.

  46. 'This Himself says

    The Urban Dictionary says

    No matter how bizzare, outrageous, or just plain idiotic a parody of a Fundamentalist may seem, there will always be someone who cannot tell that it is a parody, having seen similar REAL ideas from real religious/political Fundamentalists.

    I’ve come across enough fundie nuttiness that nothing attributed to them would surprise me.

  47. says

    “If it tastes good, spit it out”

    Seems to be a meme (or perhaps it is a phene) that combines with self-righteousness and a little bit of self-discipline to form a hard-to-escape positive feedback loop. I can give up candy bars*, and it makes me feel superior; you should do what I do or else you are inferior, I posture. If you sputter it encourages my self-righteousness, and rewards my self-discipline. If you endorse it does the same. Positive feedback.

    Getting the self-righteousness-addicted to give up that indulgence is one of the hardest jobs, whether they obsess over Jebus or Joo-joo beans.

    *An example. In the present context it would be reason that would be sacrificed.

  48. says

    Within the next two weeks, you will see that God will not be mocked. You have been warned!!

    See that>/em< is Poe's law in action. 2 exclamations but no "!!!1one". A faintly comical, non-specific threat. I've no idea if that's real. While we are playing "is it a parody", maybe some of you can help me out with notedscholar

  49. Sastra says

    Took a look around, and I too agree that PZ has gotten his wish. It’s satire. I’m guessing that those who put the website together love laughing at feedback from those who don’t get it. If they follow the traffic from the Pharyngula link, they’re snickering even now over the ‘debate’ in these comments. Sure, it’s kinda hard to tell. That’s their point.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the smoking gun clincher which the last site we were arguing Poe-or-No over had: an online store for the site which sells WWJD thongs.

  50. JackC says

    Poe, most definitely- though it is hard to tell without the (implied) quotation marks.

    Oh… wait…. haven’t we done that already?


  51. John says

    Meant as parody or not, all of the examples have real analogues which can be found with a quick Google search.
    Adult swim? No problem, vastly hated.
    Spongebob? A veritable treasure trove of… Satan! He’ll give your kids the Gay, too.
    Dora? Disappointing. Very low incident of Satan…. Until you throw in racism, then the flood gates open.

    Make up a wacko Christian belief. Someone, somewhere believes it, or a reasonable analogue.

  52. says

    *mends markup*

    Within the next two weeks, you will see that God will not be mocked. You have been warned!!

    See that is Poe’s law in action. 2 exclamations but no “!!!1one”. A faintly comical, non-specific threat. I’ve no idea if that’s real.

    While we are playing “is it a parody”, maybe some of you can help me out with notedscholar

  53. kerovon says

    It is definetly satire. Both CaC and six point harness are registered out of LA, to the same man, Brendan Burch.

  54. jimmiraybob says

    Uh, technically I think Dora the Explorer promotes adoración de diablo y comunismo.

    ¿Español de enseñanza? ¡Vaca santa!

    So, it’s really worse than they think.

  55. Strider says

    At a post-meeting dinner I was speaking to a fellow DOI employee and somehow one of the topics was cartoons and she said she doesn’t let her kids watch SpongeBob. My colleague and I looked at each other and expressed our shock at this; I mean, really, SpongeBob? A harmless, very amusing show, right? Perhaps this explains it.

  56. SC says

    While we are playing “is it a parody”, maybe some of you can help me out with notedscholar

    From the most recent post:

    And your emotions are caused by the “amygdala,” which because it violates phonetic rules ought not to be considered a real or meaningful word (Wittgenstein proved this). In any case, everyone knows that emotions happen in the heart, because as Wittgenstein explained, words are defined by their usage, not the consensus of the scientific community. And besides, emotions are literally felt in the chest area.

    Hmmmm. I’m going with a very clever sort of parody designed to get people to think. (But I might not be very good at this – I thought for several weeks that Pete Rooke was an avant-garde art piece.)

  57. JM Inc. says

    Adult Swim? Harvey Birdman for the wayne!

    Think I’ll go engage in some sodomoy now…. *cue laughtrack*

  58. Hank Fox says

    It’s worth reminding ourselves that the confusion over whether this is an example of Poe’s Law or not is significant in that, if you can’t tell the difference between the real thing and a ridiculous parody, the real thing is so bent that it’s impossible for it to be any good.

    … And then maybe remind ourselves of Poe’s Law itself: that no matter how blatant the parody, some people will still take it seriously. Right now there are probably parents writing letters to Congress about Dora the Explorer.

    I did laugh at the image far down the Christians Against Cartoons home page, of a TV screen switching back and forth from a goat-headed Beast to the huggable blue-furred “Sulley” from Monsters, Inc.

    This link from the CAC page — http://www.capalert.com/ — might just be the ugliest website I’ve ever seen. And the Christian “Movie Ministry Analyses” on it are multiply disturbing.

  59. says

    Another vote for Poe. When whackaloonery reaches that sort of extreme, the writer usually is no longer capable of expressing his/her thoughts as clearly as the satirist.

    The fundies who are most obsessed with censoring or suppressing forms of mass media usually tend to have a healthy dose of Luddite in the mix, too (eg. Jack Thompson.) Brother Cletus’ nice Photoshop work in the Dora article runs dramatically counter to that trend, whereas Photoshop skill is a great asset for a satirist.

  60. says


    Dude, c’mon. Srsly.

    I know there are enough Xian whackjobs out there to make this seem plausible–that’s why it’s so successful–but do a little research.

    P.S.- babysue rocks–25 years of spreading adolescent mayhem in the American South and still goin’ strong!

  61. Austin! says

    Satire, but straight-faced enough to make you wonder. It reminds me of Objective Ministries, the most extensive parody site that I’ve ever seen (Objective goes even further, containing links to countless Christian sites and businesses that are just as ridiculous as Objective is pretending to be).


    And as for a “Poe Detector,” I think Susannah@89 has the best one so far.

  62. ScottKnick says

    Yeah, they give the game away with Bee is for Bestiality and Hello Anubis. And the “red ants” thing — gimme a break.

  63. Pierce R. Butler says

    But what does Christians Against Cartoons have to say about ‘toons of Mohammed???

  64. Randallphobia says

    I agree with the people who think that it might be parody.
    It sounds so much like Landover Baptist Church that I started laughing.

  65. omg no! says


  66. says

    I wish it were Poe too, but you should see the site. Nobody puts that much effort into a gag.

    Yeah they do. Objective Ministries is much more extensive.

  67. Raphael says

    Wait, upon reading further, it IS a Poe.
    Which means, the original site must be as well, since it’s a direct link.

    Jeez, for a minute there, I thought religion had seriously gone off the deep end. Wait…

  68. Marcus Christian says

    So “Foster’s home for imaginary friends” teaches kids that its OK to have an imaginary friend and they have an issue with that? Wouldn’t that actually be something they’d want?

    I may have missed it, but did SouthPark escape?

  69. Jadehawk says


    I love the reviews at CAP, it almost makes me sad that they’re running out of funding and are doing fewer of them now. it’s always amusing to read the reviews of favorite movies :-)

  70. jayh says

    That poor book gets a bad review based on a coincidence of names. Does anyone know if the book’s author and the CCAP President are the same person?

    People who google my unusual real world name get a medical researcher who’s published several papers and a doctor. They would also find some of my tirades (especially on the cypherpunks list in the 90s) that would, as my brother put it, “render me unelectable”.

    They must hate it.

  71. buttonwillow says

    #47, babysue is not phony! They did a cartoon about me once! It’s not online though :(

  72. Rob Jupp says

    Come on! This HAS to be a joke, surely. Nobody, not even the devout, could be that stupid. Please, tell me I’ll right.

  73. says

    I vote Poe, mostly because the fundie Christians often object to fiction for much the same reasons as stated in the CAC site. Librarians in public libraries in fundie areas have reported that they often have parents asking them not to check out fiction books to their children or let their children read fiction. The fear of imagination has its roots in a fear of their children losing the ability to tell the difference between fantasy and reality (no joke, this is their fear, as they explain it) and not so much on the “being led astray” angle. Making a special site for denouncing cartoons is a bit redundant, even for them.

  74. Mike says

    That CAC is a tongue-in-cheek. If you check out the links, you’ll see that it’s all in fun.

  75. jomega says

    After 116 comments, I think this this thing’s status as Poe has been well established. Now I feel compelled to direct the weary Pharynguloid’s gaze to the blessedly wonderful http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/ Bro. Cletus linked to. I don’t think it’s been updated in this Century, but it’s sincerely cracked and chock full of Jesusy Goodness! There used to be some fantastical refutations of the Copernican Heresy, for example. I always wondered if the site’s creator knew that the hacking-armored-knight animation was from the game DIABLO?!

  76. pablo says

    I also love the CAP Alert movie reviews. My favorite category is “Statue Nudity”. Yep if there’s a statue of a naked person in a movie, it gets a negative point.

  77. Stan says

    Too bad they haven’t found an evil cartoon in almost a year, though…
    Still, the site is hilarious!! LOL
    Chavez, Castro, Satan himself (??), and a Dora the Explorer DVD in the same photo? Priceless!!!

  78. Sastra says

    Ok, I have a question now. I’ve been working on the assumption that if some religious article or website is a “Poe,” then this means that it’s a satire. That’s what I mean by the term. A “Poe” is a parody which is so spot on, it’s hard to tell it apart from the real thing.

    But I’m getting the impression from some of the comments that others are applying the term in the opposite sense: if it’s a “Poe,” then it’s a genuine bit of religious crankery which is indistinguishable from satire. It’s sincere. But nuts.

    So which is it? Poe = satire? Or not? And is everyone on the same page here?

  79. Janine ID AKA The Lone Drinker says

    Posted by: pablo | November 23, 2008

    I also love the CAP Alert movie reviews. My favorite category is “Statue Nudity”. Yep if there’s a statue of a naked person in a movie, it gets a negative point.

    I think that is in honor of John Ashcroft and The Spirit Of Justice.

  80. Brain Hertz says

    Further strong evidence in favor of Poe’s law: that is to say, it just isn’t possible to tell.

    Unless the owner of the site tells us. And if the owner of the site tells us it’s for real, we still won’t know. Bummer.

    I’m voting “satire”, though.

  81. RickrOll says

    to be fair to these guys, Bugs Bunny was a crossdresser, and most kids shoes now promote witchcarft and such intolerable blasphemies lol. Evolution was a main staple of Pokemon lol. Aw, but Star Wars was considered evil for real when it came out as well – good witches vs. bad witches lol; don’t watch or you’ll burn in hell! Hey wait, what about Harry Potter, also attacked simply because it uses a completely inaccurate form of witchcraft as a concept base? Hmm, ok, so popular=evil. okay, i get it now…
    Anime, if they wanted to attack that, yeah. definately. Ever hear of Bible Black? Yeah lol, look it up.
    Poe or not, TV is a place where christianity is ever more so becoming a domain of idealists; christian values are a punch line, this much is true. Some of them ought to be.

  82. Jello says

    And all this time I thought that being 25 and still watching cartoon meant I was immature. Good to know I was actually subconsciously destroying Christianity.

  83. Jeanette says

    You had me going for about a minute, PZ. Hilarious satire.

    It’s quieter than usual on here; everyone must be out getting it on with the bees.

  84. RickrOll says

    bee sex is very time consuming, there are so many to satisfy. And you have to be careful not to drown them, lol (eeew, gross lol).
    Whether it is satire or not Jello, you are subconsciously destroying Christianity by watching Cartoons (Especially some more interesting ones that i know of lol.) and telivision in general. Just seeing it in hyperbole is worth the giggles, that’s all.

  85. Wowbagger says

    Alan Kellogg wrote:

    My cognitive dissonance meter just threw up.

    Maybe if you didn’t insist on feeding it so much you wouldn’t have this problem.

  86. RickrOll says

    alan, he’s right. Christian Science, Eastern Orthodox, Calvanist, et all. “Reality is an illusion”; “Jesus is not a sacrifice, cannot take our sins away”; “There is no free will,” respectively

  87. Brain Hertz says

    Maybe if you didn’t insist on feeding it so much you wouldn’t have this problem.

    I’ve just discovered that Beaujolais Nouveau really burns the inside of the nasal passages…

  88. says

    wowbagger, #136

    Phrases such as “reasonable analogues” in conjunction with “whacko Christian belief” seem to trigger the poor thing’s gag reflex.

  89. Wowbagger says

    Phrases such as “reasonable analogues” in conjunction with “whacko Christian belief” seem to trigger the poor thing’s gag reflex.

    I’m not sure I get you here, Alan – are you implying that there aren’t a wide range of Christian beliefs, some of which could reasonably be described as ‘whacko’? And that we couldn’t have a stab and thinking some up that someone already hasn’t claimed?

  90. Patrick says

    If you can’t go to cartoons for your fix of communist satanic pagan talking goats, where do you go?

  91. Andrew says

    Rob Jupp @ 115:

    Come on! This HAS to be a joke, surely. Nobody, not even the devout, could be that stupid. Please, tell me I’ll right.

    Whilst I agree with the general consensus on this thread that it is a parody, you should be very careful saying “noone could be that stupid”. It doesn’t matter what provokes that statement, it’s wrong.

  92. CrypticLife says

    Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (teaches children that it’s “ok” to have imaginary friends, brought to us by the most evil company of them all, Cartoon Network)

    April 17, 2005

    – Megas XLR (Cartoon Network is at it again with this one, teaches kids that it’s “ok” to be white trash)

    Okay — I’m pretty sure most Christians think it’s just fine to have imaginary friends, and if they alienate white trash they’re going to ruin their congragation base.

  93. Neil B says

    Note this other form of “Poe’s Law” (and not per being real and not a satire, as reversed common PL) from http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=poe%27s+law. It could appear around and cause confusion:

    2. poe’s law

    “Poe’s Law” is a Christian theological principle that states: “Elements of the Gospel speak to different levels of spiritual concern in different cultures at different times.” It is taught to modern evangelists as a way to better target the message of the Gospel to different audiences for maximum salvific efficacy. The law was named after theologian Dr. Harry Lee Poe, a cousin of Edgar Allan Poe, who promoted the concept in his book “The Gospel and Its Meaning: A Theology for Evangelism and Church Growth.”
    According to Poe’s Law, we should emphasize the radical aspect of Jesus in order to appeal to today’s spirited youths.

    I like the part of “radical aspect of Jesus” if meant in the political type sense. All that liberal stuff about forgiveness, peace, giving up your treasure to the poor, etc, the real Christianity as expressed in this cute Onion thread:

  94. says

    Posted by: Seiberwing | November 23, 2008 9:49 AM

    Admittedly, Adult Swim isn’t the most family-friendly of shows.

    Which is why they put “adult” in the name and start it at 10 PM Central time.

  95. RickrOll says

    sven, you’re right. Too much lol sauce (*chortles* {see, doesn’t have the same “zip” to it, the same ease of information transfer. But perhaps it’s a little too easy to say. hmmm. possible substitutes?})

    – Megas XLR (Cartoon Network is at it again with this one, teaches kids that it’s “ok” to be white trash)

    “Okay — I’m pretty sure most Christians think it’s just fine to have imaginary friends, and if they alienate white trash they’re going to ruin their congragation base.”

    Naw, only New Jersey white trash. awesome show by the way.

  96. Nerdcore Steve says

    I remember this silliness very clearly when I was a kid. It seemed anything that was fun was bad. He-man and care bears had magic and allusions to terrible “pagan” beliefs like Buddhism. (It doesn’t have to make sense). Batman and Transformers were too violent too be compatible with true christian values. Etc.

    It’s the same silliness that opposes Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons.

  97. RickrOll says

    The thing about D&D is that it also provides a very poignant example of how wrong IDiots are. After all, why not exist in a world with all these fantastic Cryptozoological entities, and the Prevalance of a different energy source (mana or magic)? The fact that us humans can envision more interesting worlds than our own on a daily basis belies the absurdidty of thier pretentios claims

  98. says

    Well, to be fair, some cartoons are anti-Christian. For example, there’s one on my blog of Jesus being hit over the head with a 2×4 to stall the Rapture.

  99. Rick R says

    #48- “Help, teh gay! Itz contagious! And itz commin tru my tee vee!”

    I just KNEW “The Ring” had gay overtones. The bad girl comes through your teevee and fills your head with “filth”. With predictably deadly results.

    Or is she a metaphor for televangelists?

  100. says

    I wish that the page was more recent and that I knew it was being read by Christians.

    I think they might be surprised that a member of the clergy of the Church of Satan is in agreement with their established bottom line that these cartoons are against my religion (although they may identify them as Satanic, I’d identify them as anti-Satanic—the end result is the same) , and damaging to children.

    Can you imagine the look on their self-righteous faces were they informed that they were being supported by the Satanic Mommy of Five?

    I wonder if that would make them take it down, or at the least, re-assess their position?