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    Hey, I fixed it.

    The reason is that I’m squeezing in posts in brief minutes between business. I’m sitting in the confusion of the Philly airport right now, waiting for my boarding call.

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    Amber Culbertson-Faegre | November 22, 2008 12:43 PM

    There is also the small incident front and center where the pirate is chocking the ninja panda. Or perhaps that is simply him giving his comrade a hug?

    It’s a hug. The octopus pirate is saying, “Thanks for tossing me your blade. Let’s go whoop some ass.”

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    The ninja-bear on the left being held by one leg is about to hurtle a throwing star, the one in the middle is being strangled, the one on the right is a cool bear calmly chopping off an arm whilst having a snack, the octopus is blue, (now) has only five-and-a-half arms, this is coordinated teamwork, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses.

  4. JJR says

    Not to mention the panda on the right (stage left) who has managed, oops, to cut off a tentacle single-handed while slurping his noodles. Perhaps he spilled some of the hot soup on his lap and jerked his sword arm as a reflex?

    “Sorry about the tentacle, old boy…they grow back, don’t they?”

  5. Nentuaby says

    My immediate first thought was that this was the newest cartoon of Mohammed for people to riot over.

  6. John Mark says

    Is it bad that I immediately thought of Dr. Myers when I saw this shirt when it went on sale?

    Woot has a LOT of excellent t-shirt designs.

  7. Touch of Grey says

    “ has been recruiting star science bloggers: 22 of the top 50 science blogs, including Pharyngula, now live on its site. Scienceblogs pays its bloggers $70 a month for 50,000 to 250,000 page views, and $300 for 250,000 to 1 million, according to Nature”

    So, over a million counts for nothing?
    That’s like $10 a day.

    Maybe you can quit your day job :-)

  8. Katkinkate says

    If the ninja pandas are allies, I’d say with friends like these, who needs enemies. Talk about friendly fire. The pirate octopus has already lost one tentacle and has been injured by 2 throwing stars. I think his allies need more training.

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    With around a week to go, it is surprising there are still no Pharyngula entries for the third anthology – Open Lab 2008. I know PZ is busy, but perhaps the Pharyngulites can submit some entries – the good sciency stuff. And from other blog as well…