Keep this in mind

How can we lose? We’re Democrats, I’m sure we’ll think of a way!

One easy way would be if you don’t get out and vote. So do it, already.

By the way, my wee little brother Jim also got together with Roy Zimmerman on his 50 47 state tour, and got a picture to prove it.


I was also told that Jim tried to watch Expelled, and fell asleep halfway through it.


  1. says

    I voted! Two weeks ago on the first day early voting was available in Kansas. I don’t think my vote will turn that red state blue, but my voice will be counted.

  2. Carlie says

    I let my 10-year old flip all the switches and pull the lever (that’s right, we still have THOSE voting booths) because he’s been so excited about this election. Woo!

  3. Mike says

    that video was awesome. i just sent it to my sister
    oh and yea i was tooo angry and disgusted to fall asleep, i watched every single second of that horrendous movie

  4. clinteas says

    Well,this is one of these rare moments in history when the world holds its collective breath.
    Do the right thing,America !!

  5. says

    We’ve heard the last speech
    And the final commercial
    So all that is left is to get out the vote.
    And what’s within reach?
    Though it’s quite controversial–
    Elections with no major problems of note!

    With no hanging chads
    And no ballots bewilderin’
    To mess up the message delivered this day
    So all moms and dads
    Can say to their children
    That’s how it works in the U S of A.

    And later tonight
    With a smile on his face
    The winner will stand in the spotlight and speak.
    We are done with this fight!
    But remember, the race
    For Two Thousand and Twelve will be starting next week.

  6. charley says

    I think I voted. The scanning machine wasn’t working, so they were collecting the ballots in a box.

  7. Eric says

    I have been waiting for 2 years to vote for Obama, ever since he announced his candidacy. And although I live in Texas, a state that McCain has already clinched by default, I was ecstatic to finally cast my vote for America’s next President: Barack Obama.

    After 8 long years, we can finally plant a Bush back in Texas. Somebody be sure to lock the cage this time.

  8. says

    For once it seems I can speak for most of the rest of the world: please go out and vote, Americans. We’re counting on you.

    Damn it, I don’t care this much about our own elections.

  9. Nerd of Redhead says

    The Redhead is making me take the afternoon off so I can take her to vote, and then to an early dinner. Due to the fun she’s poking at her friends who love Palin, I suspect it will be another Obama vote.

    Carlie, I loved those old voting machines. Pulling the lever and hearing the resound clunk made what you did sound significant. Watching the ballot get swallowed by the optical reader just doesn’t have the same gut feeling.

  10. Eric says

    I already voted a few weeks back absentee. Michigan’s a blue state so it should count, right?

  11. Lana says

    The young people give me hope. My son in college never received his absentee ballot and called me in distress. I drove six hours round trip Saturday so he could wait two hours to vote in person.

    And then I did his laundry. Hey, wait a minute!

  12. Ex Partiot says

    Voted absentee a few weeks back, this was in Florida hope it gets counted properly, and it was for B.O.

  13. the pro from dover says

    If you experience an election lasting more than 4 years, call your doctor right away.

  14. BeamStalk says

    Roy is great. I was able to catch him during this tour in Oklahoma. If you haven’t seen him, try to find a chance too.

  15. Cruithne says

    I got about fifteen minutes into Expelled before giving up.
    There’s an episode of the Simpsons where Homer gains notoriety for some reason and is subjected to a TV news special about himself. He sits down to watch with his family, the programme starts and he turns in horror to Marge and says “Aw Marge, I’m evil, listen to the music…”

    Expelled pretty much uses the same tactics.

  16. Levi says

    I was first in line in my precinct this morning, and must have been one of the first to vote in the great state of New York. Go Obama!

  17. Levi says

    “This year, if only young people would move their asses and go out and vote in the same turnout proportion as the rest, it would be a real landslide for Obama”

    For what it’s worth, I’m one of those young people (I’m 23) who was too lazy to vote for John Kerry four years ago. This year, not only did I vote, but I donated and volunteered. I have confidence that the youth of this country will turn out today.

  18. jessica says

    I voted early as well in my home state of ohio. I’m in germany on business this week and I am seeing a portion of the european population on pins and needles. Make no mistake merika, the world is watching us.

  19. Luis says


    Thanks for continuing to link to Roy. “Well, what did you do on Election Day, dear little brother of mine?”

  20. Malcolm says

    After our final exam on Monday, a bunch of us went to the pub. We got to talking about the fact that we have our own election here in New Zealand on Saturday. We realised that we all cared more about the outcome of the US election than we did our own because it will have more of an effect on our lives.