1. says

    Oh, Patricia, the “naughty bits” of a male cephalopods is called a hectocotylus. If you’d like to see what it looks like, google image search it. ;)

  2. Patricia says

    No thank you Jared. I’ll take your word for it. I still haven’t recovered from that hideous dissection PZ posted months ago. *cringe*

    I do think I like the Patrician most out of the three. It has the proper ‘patattude’.

  3. Nentuaby says

    Actually, one of the arms is co-opted as naughty bits. Sometimes, it’s very heavily modifies, but in a lot of species you’d have to be a scientist to tell ’em from the other seven.

    Think on that for a bit. >:-)

  4. says

    The red and purple, I can see for myself, but I wish that you would write more about their chromatophores. Is there a comprehensive (online, maybe) resource on colouration of cephalopoda that could be recommended?

  5. Kate says

    Oh… Wow.

    Wow. Is it just me, or do others imagine that “hover car” sound when looking at cephalopod pictures? They just look like they’re somehow… technologically advanced hover creatures. (?)

    This one, in particular, is absolutely amazing.

  6. says

    They look so smart and dignified. The fact that these things would later be the ancestors of creationists disproves evolution. If evilution dos exits then y did the creatards get stoopider over time?

  7. Patricia says

    Uggh! Jared.
    In the county that serves Mt. Oysters at Miss Piggies Grill, we don’t fry penis’s.
    Get a grip man, that just ain’t fittin. Even served with grits, you go too far.
    20 ducats deducted from your bar tab.

  8. Patricia says

    Ahhh, here we go. “Descending into a cascade of obscenities” to quote good ol’ Beltane Brenda von Something.
    Red, purple, veiny, and well-vascularized organs get dragged into the discussion.
    Every gent here is going to swear he sports one the size of…wait for it… a Peterbilt!

  9. Crudely Wrott says

    OT but right about now Adam and Jamie are talking like pirates and shooting cannons.

    Avast, me hearty swabs! Thar be Discovery!

  10. Patricia says

    I saw on some version of google news that Johnny Depp has signed on for a Pirates 4. It had better be damn well better than the last pile of tripe!
    I want to see more wooing of strumpets, more sluts, and certainly more corsets in Singapore.
    The Tentacled Overlord Davy Jones is good, but get him right in the right scenes!
    Hell’s bells is Disney so damned stoopid that they can’t know about Granuaile the Irish pirate queen? Sheesh!

  11. Patricia says

    Good night ye intemperate Ilk. Ye sultry sluts, and veiny voluptuous, venous, volumptrotudenous vipers.
    (that last bit hurt)

  12. Sauceress says

    #17 Enshoku

    If evilution dos exits then y did the creatards get stoopider over time?

    My guess is inbreeding within populations. (i.e.churches)

    I sure like the dress that calamari is wearing.

  13. says

    Patricia @23; how dare you compare humans to vipers! One is a vicious, aggressive, and repulsive animal, and the other is a family of Squamata

  14. Sili says

    The reference to red hats (I once met a chemist with a red bowler, by the way) made me think he looks like a cardinal.

    Yeah, sorry, but “nothing is sacred”.

  15. James says

    Again I say it: this is a lovely cephalopod, but where are all the cuttlefish? I’m calling the NAACF.

  16. amphiox says

    The environment shifted. Obnoxiousness became of greater survival value than intelligence. The first trait was selected for, the second against.

  17. Patricia says

    Enshoku – Of course you can be a sultry slut. All manner of sluts are welcome!

    My reference to vipers was meant as admiration for their well known tempers. :o)