I have arrived at the airport to discover that my flight to Atlanta has been cancelled, and I’ve been rescheduled to a later flight. No big deal, except that now I’m stuck in an airport for five hours, and I’m now scheduled to arrive in Atlanta at 5pm. This means I will almost certainly be late for the Pharyngufest…but I’m sure y’all can start the party without me. I’ll get there as soon as I can!


  1. Sili says

    I knew it!

    Look out! Soon you’ll be dragged off for an impromptu proctologism.

    Take care, dearheart.

  2. says


    An airport delay that also affects at least a hundred other passengers and causes insane amounts of collateral damage? That sure sounds like the divine wrath of a perfect, omnipotent being.<sarcasm>

  3. tajik_guy says

    Just stay away from the men’s rooms there. Wouldn’t want you to run into any good Christians like Sen. Larry Craig there…

  4. says


    I haven’t really been here long enough to know if Red Dragon is an established poster or not, but you can never make assumptions when dealing with Poe’s Law.

  5. Brian K. says

    All praise Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson (Chipper Andruw Glavine Smoltz Maddux) International Airport!!!!

    On one of my trips to Minnesota I had a flight delayed to Atlanta because the plane that was to go to MSP was still at the gate at ATL. They’ll both celebrate their airport being the most busy in the world…then they’ll be angry over it being the most busy in the world.

    I can’t wait to get out of here.

  6. says

    Oh, oh! I see the hand of a vengeful God in this! The deity is so pissed off at PZ that he has used his omnipotence to cancel a flight! Tremble before the wrath of God!

  7. Red Dragon says

    Jesus could also make him loose his luggage.

    Don’t worry guys, Poes Law in effect.

  8. says


    Well that’s a relief. This whole incident pushed me so far past speechless that I’m actually angry that such stupidity is allowed to exist.

  9. karen says

    When you do get your flight, if they offer you a choice of snacks, instead of just giving you the requisite peanuts or pretzels, be sure to ask for some crackers!

  10. Benjamin Franklin says

    I don’t know, Blake-

    Those biscuits they give out on flights are mighty tasty.

  11. JoJo says

    As one who’s spent countless hours waiting for delayed planes, you have my sympathy.

  12. Tlowe3 says

    Damn, I wish I paid attention better and saw there was a pharyngufest in Atlanta. I was there for 5 hours and went back to Athens because I didn’t have any plans for the night in ATL.

  13. Galbinus_Caeli says

    Lovely to meet you all tonight. Quite a gathering.

    Skip Huffman
    (Red Shirt, sitting on PZ’s left early on.)

  14. Patricia says

    WTF PZ – why didn’t you go by flying horse, unicorn or gipsy ass? Your getting soft ol’ boy.
    Have fun! ;)