Radio reminder

Don’t forget to tune in to Atheists Talk radio at 9am Central! Today Mark Borrello will be talking about the grand Evolution 2008 conference that will be taking place this coming week in Minneapolis (I’ll be there — I’m even giving a talk in the education session on Sunday). You may recall Mark as the historian and philosopher of science who ably ripped apart John West’s claims that ‘darwinism’ leads to fascism.

Also on the bill: George Erickson, an author. I don’t know much about him; let’s find out!


  1. clinteas says

    PZ,you should have a conversion table with those times,whats 9am Central in the civilized world(Austalia) ? LOL

  2. says

    George is a very cool guy. He is an author who has written about the world beyond the northern borders of Minnesota as seen through the windows of a Piper Cub. Well actually he has been down on the tundra, and in the forests of British Columbia.

    I met him a long time ago, but haven’t seen him for 13 years so I am really looking forward to this.

    And Mark Borrello? Best takedown of John C West ever! But, he is also, apparently, a lot of fun and loves his work on the History of Science and more specifically the History of (the study of) Evolution.

  3. says

    Hope you have a safe drive there and back, and fun during the show.

    I’d pray for your safety on the road, but I’m afraid it would make you incautious, and you know how God is about being tested. He does get testy about it. Instead I shall encourage you to practice due diligence, and to refrain from risky driving maneuvers. :)

  4. alcari says

    for us people who have different standards (pun intended):

    9 am Central is 2 pm (or 14:00) GMT, or 15:00 Central European.

  5. Serena says

    Good show so far.
    I really have enjoyed listening to an atheist focused radio program. Makes me feel special. :)
    The time for this one works well for us here, it starts at 4:00 pm. I am not sure I will listen as much when we move back to the US…we’ll see.

  6. says

    I thought George Erickson’s name looked familiar. I have his book “True North,” but so far it is still on Mount To-Be-Read.

    Now I’m off to take my grand-daughter biking for Father’s Day, since her dad has gallivanted off to go camping for the week.

  7. AlyoshaPopovich says

    Jindal was on ‘Face the Nation’ today, talked about ID. Suggested he supports teaching intelligent design in schools along with evolution, saying he wants students offered “the best information” without regard to political correctness.

  8. Otto says

    PZ, it would be nice if you posted the reminder on Saturday afternoon. Right now I see it every Sunday between 10 and 11.
    Not much good then except for kicking myself for missing it again. My butt hurts!

  9. says

    I’m a little worried that featuring Evolution 2008 on Atheists Talk Radio will trigger a fusillade of “See?!? Evilution is teh evil atheism!” complaints from the creationist crowd. On the other hand, what other local radio program would actually air such a topic?

  10. says

    Prof. Bleen, I don’t think that many creationists listen to the radio. But when we invite a guest, we are aware that they may see this as a possible issue. If a creationist does try to make that sort of thing an issue, though, Matthew Nisbet and Randy Olson will be sure to alert us to it.

    The reason that we invite guests such as Mark Borrello, Karen James and Peter McGrath of the Beagle Project, is to show people that as atheists we have far more to talk about than how much we hate religion. And that’s the response I get from people when I tell them about the show.

    Then, they listen and enjoy it.

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  12. Jacques says

    Agreed that equating evolution with teh atheism is not a good tactic to use with these doornobs. Then again, you will never convince them of anything scientific, unless you somehow came up with a proof that Jesus was the son of god, and the rest of us will die a horrible death when they are all sucked up to heaven in the coming days/years/millennia. Personally, I can’t fscking wait for them to leave.