For B

B asked me the other day to mention his dad’s blog sometime, so of course I will do so. Observe the Banana. It’s part of the tapestry here in little ol’ Morris.

Aries: Look. The reason for your headaches is all the head-butting you do. Switch it up a little, and next time life throws one of those little annoyances your way, trying biting or kicking instead.


  1. Lyle says

    Excellent advice. Both my mother and I are Aries and fight like (head-butting) cats and dogs. Offing her with a few jugular bites might just do the trick!

  2. Zombie says

    I can think of several good reasons not to bring this up, but that one is a surprisingly good fit…

  3. Carlie says

    I’m next I’m next I’m next! I can’t wait to see my horoscope on the next post! Come on, Taurus!

  4. The Wholly None says

    The robot musicians are cool, but I’m such a skeptic (cynic?)that you’d have to prove to me that the music isn’t prerecorded. Interesting though, and thoroughly magical to a non-musician. Thanks, Ted.

  5. Mozglubov says

    I know I’m new around here (and to blogging in general), but if this is about shameless self promotion, people can come visit my blog too!

    Although I do enjoy that my horoscope was finally posted, I think the headache is actually from all those damn neurotransmitters and brain structures I have to memorize for my neuroscience final tomorrow… speaking of which, I guess I should stop spending time online and actually do that learning.

  6. Etha Williams says

    …is it bad that the first thing that came to mind when I read “observe the banana” was “the atheist’s nightmare”?

  7. Mozglubov says

    “Behold the banana: the atheist’s worst nightmare…”

    I haven’t seen that video in ages, but thinking about all those odd comments about tapered ends fitting nicely into mouth holes and avoiding squirts in the face still makes me smile…

  8. Mrs. Peach says

    About halfway down the blog is an article about an artist who is working together with a team of engineers, scientists and volunteers to get a giant banana to fly over Texas. I never heard of this before, but went to the website and found it interesting. It’s an art project, but they need donations adding up to 1.5 million dollars before they can proceed. The pictures look hilarious.

  9. Laser Potato says

    ARIES! The look on your face will be priceless when you find that forty pound watermelon in your colon!
    Trade toothbrushes with an albino dwarf, and give a hickey to Meryl Streep