Radio reminder

It’s another day for Atheists Talk radio, Sunday at 9am, with yours truly in the first half hour, being interviewed by Kristine Harley about that horrible little movie that I’m getting tired of hearing about. But all right, we’ll take another shot at it. Maybe you can liven it up by calling in to 952-946-6205 with something new and interesting to say or ask … that is, no Chris Farleys.


  1. cory says

    Unfortunately, ads for The Movie That Shall Not Be Named are showing up on the teevee here in Chicago, featuring a very stereotypical-looking biology professor and the usual smarmy B.S.

    Can’t tell you what they say because I dive for the remote to hit mute.

  2. g2 says

    Hope you were properly invited. No instances of fooling the system. No disguising yourself as Paul Z Myers by using your name.

  3. wazza says

    Cory: you don’t mean you’re… censoring the Intelligent Design proponents


  4. says

    PZ, you remember the Beatles, and you played rhythm and Richard Dawkins was on drums? And that one album where if you played it backwards it said “God is a fairy tale?” That was a hoax, right? That’s awesome!

  5. Geoff says

    I think you need to get to work on your filmography PZ. At least Dawkins has The Enemies of Reason and tv appearances.

  6. Dahan says

    Hey PZ,
    My wife is in constant contact with the Daily Show Big Wigs(I can’t say why publicly at this point in time). I’ll ask her if she can put a bug in John’s ear about having you on the show. I’d love to see you there, as apposed to just hearing you on the radio.
    Best to ya.

  7. chunkdz says

    Umm, hey, remember when you were, um, talking…and, um, you said that we should beat up the ID people with, like, brass knuckles and, um, steel toed boots, and stuff?

    That was SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. says

    I have a dump button ready for Chris Farley calls. Also, don’t wait until close to the end of the second segment. I may not be able to get callers on the air if Kristine and PZ are wrapping up the show. You can e-mail me during the show, too, at, but again do so early in the program so I can read your e-mail on the air while PZ is still on the air.

    Be sure to listen to the second segment, too!

    Your host.

  9. Raven says

    Speaking of radio… if hearing constant ads for “Expelled” turns your stomach, you’ll want to avoid the NPR streaming content today. At least when trying to listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” I was sorry to see web ads and hear audio ads all over the place. I think it’s a rather odd audience for them to attempt to attract.

  10. J says


    From what I understand, NPR accepted thirty pieces of silver as payment for the ads.

  11. says

    I was just thinking about this, I saw August Berkshire at the MN Zoo to see Frans deWaal. It was pretty cool. You should have promoted that event, at the least. Although he may not be into tentacles, he does tell us that we ARE apes.

  12. says

    That was pretty cool, minus the 5 or so seconds of dead-air (bad bad bad). It’s probably due to that my attention wandered so I missed the question about sponges. Can anyone with a better attention span tell me what the question was? And even better, direct me to the study (I did hear the response).

  13. sdej says

    That was the first time that I’ve managed to catch the show. It was enjoyable.

    I wish I had turned off the player as soon as it was over though. Now the airwaves are occupied by a paid advertisement from a “Dr.” of chiropractic selling fish oil and pomegranate extract.

    The contrast is making my brain hurt.

  14. Carol says

    Does anyone know of any organized protest of the unamed propoganda piece that is coming to theaters soon? I wonder what theaters will carry it. If I see it, I’ll pay for another movie at a multiplex so they don’t get my money. However, I don’t know how I can keep myself from shouting at the screen. Any ideas?

  15. says

    Hi Carol, I have no idea of organized protests, and am way too lazy to start one myself, but I have e-mailed Regal Cinema to hopefully stop them from showing it. Try doing that for your local theaters.

    I doubt that Regal will show it anyway in my area, we couldn’t even get “Diary of the Dead,” bastards! I’m sure George Romero is more highly regarded than this group of twits. If I’m wrong, then we’ll see.

  16. says

    Don’t protest. Do what the Richard III Society does when Shakespeare’s hatchet job is shown — politely hand out leaflets explaining the facts.

    And don’t let it get you down that the encyclopedias mostly state flat out that Richard murdered his nephews.

  17. says

    I say that when the movie actually comes out, don’t protest it. Ignore it. Then swarm the comments of your local newspapers’ review site with facts on the vacuity of the movie.

    Showing up to protest at the theater will invite people to buy tickets, just to see what the controversy is about. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for innocent people losing three IQ points by seeing this dreck, would you?

  18. says

    So was the point that eugenics cannot be used to breed selected qualities into humans or that it’s not “Darwinist” to do so?