1. Lilly de Lure says

    It’s the coiled up tentacles that do it – he looks like he’s making fists and banging them on the floor in a tantrum.

    All he needs is a little spoon in each “fist” and he’ll be a dead ringer for a toddler who doesn’t want his greens!

  2. Bride of Shrek says

    Nah, he’s just trying to look all cool and disinterested. Gets the girl occies everytime.

  3. wazza says

    I think it’s the big forehead sort of look, like he’s curled his eyebrows down…

  4. says


    That is one creepy-ass looking mofo!

    Of course, I was initially interpreting the big black dots in the *middle* of the eyes to be pupils, so it looks like there’s these evil beady little angry eyes looking RIGHT AT ME…. and it’s kinda scawwy. :-(

  5. PrimaCausa says

    That’s not a Thaumelodone gunteri, that’s one of our new Alien Overlords from Enceladus!

  6. says

    Hey PZ, TCM is doing the Friday Cephalopod thing tonight as well! Right now I’m watching It Came From Beneath the Sea, with the Harryhausen octopus. Tasty!

  7. Kanaio says

    Try turning your laptop upside down to reveal the alter ego. Oops, I think I just broke my laptop.

  8. Pete Moss says

    Guess it’s just me who’s reminded of Kurt Westergaard’s Mohammed cartoon, yes, that one.