Fame and power!

If I am to succeed in my goal of overthrowing all of Western Civilization, I must continue to gather notoriety and credibility. To that end, I’ll mention my latest victory: I am mentioned in a webcomic. Look closely at the pile of magazines drawn in the lower left panel…there I am! Soon I shall dominate all media!

Ginny has also acknowledged my ubiquity and puissance by mentioning this cartoon to me, which apparently portrays life at my house.


Wait…you don’t think she was being sarcastic, do you?


  1. The other Dan from Milwaukee says

    Dear PZ,

    Would you autograph my copy of “12 Months of Hot Squid” for me? ;-)

  2. Hairy Doctor Professor says

    Somehow I had this conflated with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition — maybe it’s a calendar where the supermodels are wearing squid instead of body-paint. (Body-paintings of squid instead of bikinis, maybe? Hmmmm. Could work.)

  3. skyotter says

    okay, what’s the joke (presuming there is one) that i’m missing in the comic? is “naked cake” really the punchline? is it some kind of jab at Precious Moments? is it the “innocent” nudity being taken out of context? (that’s the only way i can make it jibe with the “hot squid” reference, but it’s quite a stretch)

    seriously, i’m lost

  4. Engima says

    skyotter (6): Check out the previous comic. Fattening foods are against God: ‘dessert makes Baby Jesus – even if you offer him the biggest piece.’

    The evil school teacher (who is interested in such evil things as Harry Potter and P.Z.) is obviously trying to turn the school girl away from God, by the use of naked cake.

    … or … something.

  5. Morgan says

    @skyotter: I would imagine it’s part of an ongoing thing. Apparently, in fact, it’s a video about how evil and godless dessert is. …This comic intrigues me.

  6. Greg Peterson says

    In that single-panel cartoon, the dude could be you, but that is NOT your Trophy Wife.

  7. James says

    Reminds me of a quote/joke;
    “What I lack in personality, I more than make up for in internet presence.”

    (No offence intended, PZ.)

  8. says

    If you’re being lumped in, as an author, with J. K. Rowling, let’s hope that streams of royalties are on their way to you.

    I read that as “12 Months of NOT Squid.”

  9. Steph says

    Wow, I was surprised to see this here – we have mutual readers apparently! For the confused, this particular sequence is a Chick-tract-inspired skit put on by a youth group about how dessert is evil because it’s deviant to eat empty calories, since that’s not the biological function of your digestive system…
    Yeah, I know my printing is hard to read. :) I have the bad habit of making background details way too small, so I’m glad at least some people found it legible.

  10. RT says

    “about how dessert is evil because it’s deviant to eat empty calories, since that’s not the biological function of your digestive system… ”


  11. Steph says

    “Wha???” was pretty much my response when I heard the biology argument applied to sexuality (as in, “gay people can’t have babies, therefore, being gay is unnatural and deviant!) — so I’m doing a story about what it would be like if morality crusaders applied the same ‘direct-survival-benefit-or-it’s-evil’ logic to food.

  12. says

    Richard von Kraft-Ebing said that any sexual act that could not possibly result in precreation was a sexually deviant act. This was in like 1899-1903ish (the copy i have is from 1903ish i believe) of psychopathia sexualis.
    Psychology from 100 years ago is being used to fuel the christian machine today. How utterly lame.