1. pradeep says

    I’ve heard Neil Shubin speak a few times on TV and Radio and he is compelling and makes a case for science without beating anyone over the head with it. Maybe he should consider trying out for replacing Richard Dawkins as the Charles Simonyi Chair for the Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford.

  2. Geral says

    I just got his book in the mail and started reading it. It’s really interesting and I love how down to earth it is for the average reader.

  3. ennui says

    Especially loved the part about human testes not being ‘designed’ very well, due to our fish ancestors.

  4. jjdiogenes says

    Yeah, I bought Your Inner Fish at an airport bookstore of all places and found it every bit as interesting and compelling as Ron Jeremy’s autobiography that I bought from the same airport book store. Now, how is that for a testimony for Neil’s book?