1. says

    How about that? Fish happen to be the single most frequently recurring theme of my dreams as well, though they’re of the freshwater persuasion. Must be a work-related injury.

  2. says

    great post! we have an idiot on italian late-nite telly, Mr Marzullo, who always concludes with a similar trademark sentence.

    not that your an idiot, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t have linked you. link me back if you like my blog, ciao :)

  3. fusilier says

    Tom (#3)

    Those are not “nubile young women,” they are mermaids. Entirely different. ;^) ;^)

    Let’s Just Say (tm from another list), there was a cartoon in an old Playboy about a sailor trying to decide between two mermaids: one was tetrapod from the waist up, the other from the waist down.

    Decisions, decisions….

    James 2:24

  4. Curious, but not a scientist says

    Reading these posts are just as entertaining as the picture. Quite frankly, if I was dreaming about those things pictured, I’d probably wake up screaming and run to the therapist!

  5. Donnie B. says

    Re; #8 — Yes, the first thought I had was that it was something by Tenniel. It shows many of the characteristics of his work. Of course, that may have been a popular style at the time.

  6. Adam Cuerden says

    #15 – it doesn’t have Tenniel’s mark, though, and I think Tenniel mainly worked for ”Punch”. And, yes, Tenniel did work in a popular style – Du Maurier, some of D. H. Friston’s work, and various others are similar.

  7. Rubberlips says

    # 16 – You mention D. H. Friston. He was my great, great, great, great grandfather. I’ve been researching his work for genealogy purposes. Do you have any further information on him?