1. says

    Wow. Utterly beautiful. That image would make a lovely piece of artwork for the wall (though I’m guessing the girlfriend would raise significant objections).

  2. BMatthews says

    You can totally get away with this as long as you call it the “cuddle-fish”. Girls eat that up.

    or you have a nerdy girlfriend like me

  3. says

    #2: I’ll have to give that a try, though I think my girlfriend is catching on to my semantic trickery… :)

  4. zer0 says

    If some mad scientist ever finds a way to graft cuttlefish eyes into humans, I’m so in line for that operation. I want to make my little Ws with pupils! They look so mean too when they get aggressive. It’s like 100 times better than what we can do with our eyebrows to look mad.

  5. CitizenVA says

    Beautiful! And I’m glad the Friday Cephalopod is back! I really missed it last week! :(