1. wnelson says

    P.Z., your credibility shouldn’t be going to the lowest bidder — why literally stoop to caricatures? If you could have proven Behe wrong, you would have by now.

    Vitriol is the “CHECK ENGINE” light of any ideology.

  2. speedwell says

    @wnelson: Lighten up, Puritan. It’s an obvious Photoshop hackjob and it’s childishly funny. Remember childhood? Humor? Why don’t you sit down a bit with a nice beer and think about it?

  3. MPW says

    wnelson: “Vitriol is the ‘CHECK ENGINE’ light of any ideology.”

    1. That’s a lie. Vitriol has a long, time-honored tradition in debate. Sometimes it’s justified, sometimes it’s not.

    2. This is less vitriol than it is parody or maybe satire. Also time-honored traditions.

    3. So your comment is just a variation on the old creationist favorite, “You evolutionists are getting so upset – that must mean I’m right.”

    4. Which ideology do you refer to? Neither evolutionary theory nor atheism are ideologies.

    5. Shut the hell up. Now, that’s vitriol.

  4. wnelson says

    Sorry guys, if Myers had a proverbial gun at his disposal, he wouldn’t be groping for a club.

  5. says

    ‘Myers’ doesnt have the ‘proverbial gun,’ troll.

    1. Theres more than one gun.
    2. We all have several.

    And speaking of things not being funny, I assume youre going to go to Uncommon Descent and post about sexism being the lowest of the low arguments? How if Behe held the ‘proverbial gun’ to evolutions head, he wouldnt have to respond to my claims with ‘zero’ science and 100% sexism? No? You realize that that photoshop would have been impossible without Behes sexism, right? Could it be, youre just an internet troll?

  6. The Ag says

    “Vitriol is the “CHECK ENGINE” light of any ideology.”

    It strikes me that if this were true, wouldn’t Christianity have collapsed by now, underminded by the famous exchange when a certain Samuel Wilberforce employed a rather crude ad hominem at a certain Thomas Huxley.

  7. says

    As the sole creator of the atrocity under consideration, I’d just like to point out that I don’t consider it to be “vitriol.” Vitriol is a separate artform. The “LiLo” thing was a parody. Yes, it was intended to make fun of Behe.

    Since I have no standing in science other than being a fan-boi, I don’t mind people considering me a jerk. However, I was very offended by Behe’s sexism toward Abbie Smith (ERV) in his Amazon blog. That was the direct cause that propelled me to do the parody. I can think of nobody more deserving of derision than a “scientist” who doesn’t do science, but only stands on the sidelines and throws stones at his betters like ERV. Now he wants criticisms by more famous scientists whom he feels would better soothe his ego were they the ones to point out his ignorance.

    Behe’s been pwned — by a girl! — and he just can’t stand it. Go, Abbie, go!

    For any of you who got a laugh out of the parody, that’s great. For any of you who hated it, I’m just fine with that, too.

    — HalfMooner

  8. truth machine says

    why literally stoop to caricatures?

    PZ literally stooped?

    You’re an effing moron, wnelson, and any claim about a connection between vitriol and correctness is ignorant ad hominem twaddle.

  9. phantomreader42 says

    wnelson, creationist troll @ #12:

    why literally stoop to caricatures?

    Oh, yeah, that’s such a terrible thing to do. It’s like, say, making a video full of badly-photoshopped pictures of your critics with a soundtrack of fart noises. And we all know no one at the Dishonesty Institute would ever stoop that low.

    wnelson, brain-dead creationist troll (but I repeat myself):

    If you could have proven Behe wrong, you would have by now.

    News flash, asshat, Behe has already been proven wrong COUNTLESS times. This caricature you make such a show of being offended by is making fun of Behe’s own sexist remarks one of those many times. If Behe hadn’t been too insecure to handle being proven wrong by a girl, this picture wouldn’t exist, and you’d have to find some other bullshit to give you the vapors. Not that your ilk ever has trouble bullshitting.