1. says

    Off topic, but I need advice. has rewarded me with a $100.00 gift certificate which I can donate to help fund any of their classroom projects listed.

    Anyone got any they’ve contributed to but aren’t fully funded yet? If not, what project sounds like it would best promote rational thought and/or interest in science?


  2. says

    What a beautiful sculpture in glass!
    But I think I’ve gone bonkers (alas!),
    Because all I can see
    (And I blame you, PZ)
    Is that octo-girl shaking her ass.

  3. says

    @Rob the Lurker: Click on PZ’s Donor’s Choose logo and then when you get to their site, the other SciBloggers will be in the sidebar. A lot of them still have projects (I used my GC for one of Janet’s myself, but there are others).

  4. bebopfaye says

    If DC is really misled
    And the name is really “P-Zed”
    Matters little to me;
    ‘long as his poetry
    Targets funnybone and the head! :)

  5. Azkyroth says

    It’s beautiful, and rather short-lived, just like the real octopus. Of course, its lifespan in the same house as my three year old would be orders of magnitude less than the original… x.x

  6. RamblinDude says

    Yes, those arms are possessed
    Of rare charms, and I, too, am obsessed,
    And to further entangle, from the right angle,
    Her head looks quite like a breast! : – D

    (I’m cracking myself up here)

  7. Gregory Kusnick says

    Cuttlefish,I think you’re misled,
    It really is pronounced PZed

    As a matter of description,
    Both forms have been heard.
    But when it comes to prescription,
    PZ has final word.

  8. RamblinDude says

    I looked at my poem this morning and got irritated that I had mangled it. So, at the risk of being tiresome, here it is again in its rightful effulgent splendor.

    It’s true that those arms are possessed
    Of rare charms and I, too, am obsessed,
    And to further entangle, from just the right angle
    Her body looks quite like a breast!

    See, by changing the first line to improve the timing and…aw, never mind

  9. ctenotrish, FCD says

    Ivy – awesome link, thanks! I had seen these before, but couldn’t remember what the link was . . . bookmarked now. :)