Cephalopod Awareness Day Alert #1


Here’s the first volley of cephalopod recognition posts I’ve received. Do send me more, and I’ll put them up later. Do me a favor and put “Cephalopod Awareness” in your subject line so I can sort them out more easily.


  1. says

    A word in favour of dried squid…

    One of my students used to bring bags of shredded dried squid to lab meeting. I was the only one who would eat it, and I did find it rather addictive. A bit like squid-flavoured chewing gum, but once the flavour was gone you could swallow it and reach for another piece.

    Nutrition-wise I suspect it’s mainly collagen – how else could it be so tough?

  2. georgia says

    Nearly forgot – here’s a cool video of a cuttlefish preparing to attack his own video image at an aquarium… and his friends come over to help out!

  3. David Harmon says

    cephalopod worship, for some reason, involves scantily clad women.

    Well, clothes would get caught in their beaks…