You’ll be able to say, “darn, they overlooked me again”

Did you know that the Nobel Foundation has an RSS feed now? It’s almost as good as getting that phone call — you’ll be alerted to the prize winners the instant they’re announced.

(Thanks to Abel for noticing this.)


  1. says

    I hope this doesn’t mean no one’s gonna show up for my Nobel Nomination Party this weekend. I bought, like, six bags of Tostitos already and my dynamite-shaped Jell-O jigglers are setting in the fridge as I write.

  2. MartinC says

    They announce the Medicine prize winners outside the Nobel forum, just across the road from where I work. I’ll try to get down there on Monday to see it announced first hand.

  3. Ken Mareld says

    It looks like their website will link to a youtube channel where they will make archival footage of speeches, announcement, and awards available. Could be fun to watch.

  4. says

    Damn it! At this rate I’m going to be pretty old before someone awards me the Nobel Prize for Peace (or for Literature, or for any of the other categories that I may be eligible for).