1. Jsn says

    Once I found my monocle (after losing it in my shocked reaction to all that sports blather, evidently), I see it’s quite Seussian. Horton hears a Heliocrank, perhaps?

  2. says

    I didn’t know that Jim Henson’s company did cephalopods…

    #3: “That’s no piglet, that’s Moomintroll!”

    Holy crap, you just hit me with this intense childhood flashback…

  3. SEF says

    As piglets go, it’s lacking any legs and having a bad “hair” day. As a putative moomintroll, it probably has more credibility but is still lacking legs.

  4. Kseniya says

    That is SO awesome. The “hair” is beyond belief.

    LOL @ Moomins, but (though I hestitate to offer this glimpse into my diseased mind) the first thing that skittered through my head was that this was a frame from an animated clip documenting “the intrepid little time-release gelcap’s trip through the digestive system.”

  5. Kseniya says

    Oh by the way, I suspect the pic is upside-down, a view that greatly enhances its cuteness. I dl’d the pic and rotated it 180 degrees, and the effect is quite sinister.

    This creature rocks in ANY orientation. :-)

  6. BruceJ says

    Somewhat OT, but I went to my mailbox yesterday and the cover of this month’s Smithsonian Magazine is familiar…and is impossibly cute…

  7. octopod says

    AWW! PZ, I thought you disapproved of supercute cephalopods. Upside-down, it looks like a chubby transparent cartoon walrus!

  8. Geta says

    No you may not say so, erimo. Just no..

    Yes, something Fraggleish, yes! Cutest squiddie ever! Squee.