1. says

    Haha! This was definitely a high-point at a very hot, very sweaty and very crowded poster session! We’ve been having really hot weather in Uppsala these past few weeks.

    I was presenting my own poster so I didn’t walk around that much, but when I did nobody seemed to get the joke. Furrowed brows and serious faces abounded.

    I lol’d.

  2. Crudely Wrott says

    Upon reflection and a smacking of lips, is good. Yes. Good. Good to eat nuck chorris.

  3. says

    Eh… it is your opinion that the guy’s work is ‘destructive’. You ought to have a bit more space for what others are thinking, not just what you think about this topic. I’m not really a creationist either (in the truest sense of what it means) but I have the brains to know that they are also doing some very important work and producing some amazing discoveries. You should be a little more open-minded.