1. Owlmirror says

    “Oh, will you just look at that! Professor Meyyerz’s experiments with cephalopod growth hormones have finally resulted in his monstrous creations running amok.”

    “That, or his hideous and profane rituals have finally managed to summon Cthulhu.”

  2. says

    One problem is that making places like Downe easier to find would mean an astonishingly large amount of signage in the UK. Culturally significant events have happened everywhere here. Almost every town and a great many villages have given rise to at least a couple of famous sons and daughters, some have given rise to dozens. There are astonishing historical artifacts which warrant little more than a label on an OS map and a few visitors a year.

    It’s probably the thing I like best about living in a place as “crowded” as the UK, the weight of history is astonishing.

  3. Sam Cartwright says

    Hmmm… Don’t drink and comment. I’ve abused the word “astonishing” and misspelled my own name.

    I’ll go to bed now.

  4. Carlie says

    The Darwin exhibit (currently at the Field Museum) has a neat little recreation of the sandwalk. It isn’t video, which would be best, but does cycle through sequential pictures along the walk, projected onto an entire wall, so it *sort of* feels like you’re walking on it. Still would rather do the original, though!

  5. Bob Vaiden says

    We traveled to Chicago yesterday to see the Dinosaur and Darwin exhibits yesterday…very interesting! We spent more than 2 hours going through the Darwin exhibit. I particularly liked the displays of his notes…including the “evolutionary tree” sketch, examples of his plant collections, and his rock hammer :)

    Liked the Sandwalk “recreation”… but also wished I could walk the original.

  6. Barn Owl says

    Down House and the grounds are lovely, well worth a visit. For those who aren’t totally Anglo-averse, Churchill’s home Chartwell, also in Kent, can be visited in the same day. I was rather shamed by Churchill’s legendary writing habits-he would have gotten those manuscripts out efficiently.

    I found both Down House and Chartwell with no trouble, even though I’m a dumb Texan. Maybe it’s because we’re used to sparse directional signage.

  7. Chuck says

    Actually Down House can be easily found using Google Earth. There is even a small article on it.

    0° 3’12.15″E

  8. Barn Owl says

    Yeehaw! for more dumb Texans! If there’s a dozen of us or so, there’ll be enough IQ points to cobble together and make one Really Smart Person.

    How’d you get lost, though, wussypants? The whole of England is, like, about the size of downtown Austin.

    Only much tidier and less weird. ;-)