1. SEF says

    It’s lovely. However, those arm gestures could be a form of semaphore communication, spell-casting or expansive gesticulation to accompany some rhetoric. It does seem pretty intense about it. :-D

  2. Andrew Dodds says

    SEF – If YOU were plankton and realised that your chances of reaching adulthood withoug getting filtered and digested by one of several thousand different species was about 1 in a gazillion, you’d be pretty intense as well..

  3. Brigit says

    This one looks like one I saw at the tattoo parlor the other day that basically screamed “PZ”. Imagine the same arm gestures in a rather ferocious-looking octopus with a banner that said “Death from Below”. I’ve even tried looking online for it, but it was an original from that parlor :(

  4. SEF says

    “LOLctopus” is rather cthuloidly unpronounceable. It could be a lolopod instead.

  5. RamblinDude says

    All hail His High Holiness of Octopi, Pope Defilippi.

    Prepare to get really blessed.

  6. Jenbug says

    Now that perfectly matches the exterior paint of my car! I would love to have that little guy hanging from my rearview, possibly waving his arms to match my direction. He beats my boyfriend’s Velocity Jesus, but not by much.

    *Sigh* A girl can dream though.

  7. says

    Damn, you’d need a whole lot of those to make a good salad…i would think you could substitute them for jellyfish in a Vietnamese jellyfish salad.

  8. says

    SEF, Currently I have one team working on creating a giant Macrotritopus larva large enough to wear as a hat and another team working on a way to shink me small enough to wear one as a hat. The second team is of course a ruse. Once they perfect the shrinking technology I shall use it on them and feed the entire team to my new headgear.

  9. deeana says

    That would make an excellent badge or sticker. Does PZ consider getting shirts for his blog or want to have a nifty little logo? Because it’s both fearsome and cute, as others have said! :)

  10. Justin Moretti says

    The body sac, or gut sac, or whatever, above the head and tentacles, reminds me disturbingly of Sauron’s Eye from the LOTR films.

    There’s a place for cephalopod macros to rival cat macros, I’m sure. CephLOLopods.