1. Abe Lard says

    Possibly in Paris-you could also get it with a sword inside to help creationists caught in thickets.

  2. Owlmirror says

    I’m sure that the skull was meant as a memento mori. I wonder if he got it for himself, out of morbidity and/or melancholy, or some well-meaning Christian friend or relative got it for him so as to suggest to him that he ought to begin preparing for “the world to come”.

    “As you are, I once was. As I am, so you shall become.”

  3. HP says

    Pedantic quibble: What you want is a reproduction, not an imitation.

    I mean, if you’re going to contact a Parisian bespoke-canemaker, you don’t want to say something embarrassing.

  4. Glenn says

    Rich wrote, “Not exactly the same, but I love going out on the town with it. My girlfriend less so.”

    You’d rather go out on the town with your cane than with your girlfriend?

  5. says

    I’m sure that picking his girlfriend up by the head and wacking her feet down against the sidewalk with each step is far more unwieldy than using a cane. Unless she’s very petite.

  6. commissarjs says

    You could totally use that walking stick with black robes and a cowl. Make sure that they are inscribed with some sort eldritch runes. Just think of the fear/respect you will garner from your students.

  7. says

    Just think of the fear/respect you will garner from your students.

    Either that, or they’ll just think, “Oh my dear Ed, he’s gotten into LARPing.”

  8. Karl Rove II says

    You could ask Dembski for his skull…since it’s empty and he clearly won’t miss it.

  9. says

    Is it just me, or does that look like a huge human sperm cell?

    Spermy or not, I would definitely like to have one.

  10. Mena says

    Eh, vertebrates are way overrated. How about a really long skinny horn coral? ;^)

  11. says

    The curious fact that Dembski’s skull apparently is holding his face up, despite being obviously empty, is the strongest case for divine intervention the DI will ever come up with.

  12. eisenreich says

    Now that is what Hugh Laurie should have replaced his cane with on House..

  13. mojojojo says

    Darwin was a Mason??

    Well… maybe. Charles’ name does not appear on the official rolls of any lodge. But in his family and the scientific community of the time, Masonic membership was very common.

    For example, his grandfather Erasmus Darwin was made a Mason in the Time Immemorial Lodge of Cannongate Kilwinning, No. 2, before coming to Derby 1788.

    Uncle Sir Francis Darwin was made a Mason in Tyrian Lodge, No. 253, at Derby, in 1807 or 1808. Uncle Reginald was made a Mason in Tyrian Lodge in 1804. Father Robert was reportedly also a member of a Masonic lodge.

    One of Charles Darwin’s most vocal proponents, T.H. Huxley, was also member of a Masonic Lodge.

    So who knows, maybe Charles’ lovely cane has some Masonic significance, maybe not…no telling where he got it, eh?

  14. G. Tingey says

    You should almost certainly get one from the preserved (The exterior of the building is Grade I listed ) walking-stick and Umberella shop in Lonond, at the junction of New Oxford and Bloomsbury Streets
    It says, on the outside: “James Smith and Son” and among other declarations “Whip-makers to the King” (Meaning Edward VII )
    HERE is their web-site, with a pcture of the outside of the building:

    They supply everything in that sort of line – except swordsticks, which you can no longer obtain in the UK.