1. Shaun says

    DEEPAK CHOPOR: Skeptics are people who demand that you believe them when they don’t believe in anything. Science is an approved method of explaining Nature, but that doesn’t mean that science owns nature. If the mind field exists, we are all inside it, and there is validity in personal experiences beyond what happens in a laboratory.”
    The Mind Outside the Body

  2. Reginald Selkirk says

    Controversial Islamist author slams Darwin

    In a bizarre news conference held aboard a luxury yacht off Istanbul’s northern Bosphorus shores near the mouth of the Black Sea, Adnan Oktar, also known by his pen-name Harun Yahya, said the evils of the world were a direct result of Darwinism…

    Do the activities of Islamic Creationists make it more, or less acceptable for Christian Creatinonists?

  3. 386sx says

    This is very shocking:

    Vatican City – US President George W Bush drew gasps at the Vatican on Saturday by referring to Pope Benedict XVI as “sir” instead of the expected “His Holiness”, pool reporters said.

    They could clearly hear the US leader say “Yes, sir” when the pope asked him if he was going to meet with officials of the lay Catholic Sant’Egidio community at the US embassy later during his visit.

    I don’t know how mankind will survive the horror of that. (Hat tip: Matt Drudge.)