Bad, bad Kos

Now they’ve got Howard Dean and Wesley Clark giving talks at YearlyKos. They’re so vindictive over there—you know they’re only recruiting these big names to rub my nose in the fact that I had to back out of leading the science caucus. I hope Tara is pleased that she gets to take over my job.


  1. says

    And you will have more time to work on your book, dance with the Missus, play pirate with the young adults, and so on. I would like to read your book, so get writing!

  2. LisaS says

    I wonder if Mark Warner will be there this year. Last year he gave a great speech and had a fantastic party!

  3. says

    Yes, I was slightly downtrodden on since hearing that you weren’t coming to YearlyKos — then I realized I don’t have reservation or whatever it is paid for, and being a poor college student I couldn’t go anyway. Sucks, since it’s only a three hour drive from here.