1. O-dot-O says

    > What is it with you and evolution/Beatles crossover t-shirts?

    It has to do with being born in the 1950s.

  2. Mags says

    A shame it requires the more american pronunciation of the word, otherwise it’d be TEH ACES!!11!one

  3. says

    A couple of nitpicks:

    1) I’m not sure I like the Minister spot being occupied by the more modern being. There’s got be a way to make him the lower ape.

    2) There need to be some dead bodies on the sides to illustrate the bush of evolution, so we can get this guided one-unbroken-line image of evolution out of people’s minds.

  4. KeithJM says

    I would buy this in a heartbeat. As well, @Magpie, I’m rather young, fascination with the Beatles is a cross-cultural thing. I’d put a good bet on the phenomena being the subject of research grant applications by anthropologists in the near future.

  5. BJN says

    Do you really want to perpetuate the misconceptions of the whole “ascent of Man” meme? Chimps have done more evolvin’ than our species while crossing Abbey Road.

  6. says

    I’m 27, but my dad is a big Beatles fan. Maybe we can consider this a kind of good indoctrination.

    The other, Catholic indoctrination, wasn’t applied much and didn’t take.

  7. Christian Burnham says

    Would be nice to see a female human at the end of the line. After all, they are the ones who give birth.

  8. Skeptic8 says

    Teleology- the study of perfection- needs a wordform for The Assumption of Perfection “given” that invades discussion. DI/Creos are full of it and can’t imigine themselves “intermediate forms” like the rest of us. Gimme that ole time polemic!

  9. says

    Yeah, Chris, it would be nice; but none of the Beatles were female, were they? (Yes, Yoko tried to nudge in, but that doesn’t really count.)

  10. J. Y. says

    Not to nitpick, but in the song ‘Revolution’, one line goes, “You say you want a revolution…” and another, “You tell me that it’s evolution…”

  11. Bruce H. says

    I think a parallel line showing chimpanzees branching off would be cool.

  12. Great White Wonder says

    While doing some due diligence on the web, I discovered that the IDEA Club of Poway High School in California is hosting a free showing this Thursday May 24 of the horseshit fundie crack film called “Privileged Planet.”

    My curiosity heightened, I browsed the Poway IDEA Club webpage and discovered that their “staff sponsor” is a Mr. Perry Minamide, who teaches science at Poway High.

    Golly, I wondered, what are the chances that are Mr. Minamide is a fundie moron? A quick web search pulled up this page

    where we learn that Perry and his wife Elaine “pray about everything.”

    Elaine has a whole bunch of crap on the web. Perhaps the most insane chestnut is this:

    Abortion rights come neatly packaged with two lies: Abortion is a woman’s issue only, and the death of the unborn is not a real death. By accepting both lies, men who have lost children to abortion already have two strikes against them when they are confronted with their loss. Strike three is called when men neglect their own healing to console the woman, rather than express their own feelings of anger, hurt or betrayal.

    LOL! Anyway … it seems highly likely that Mr. Minamide is peddling his anti-science religious crap to kids in his own high school “after hours.” Where’s Casey Luskin to lie to us once again about IDEA Clubs and their “scientific” goals?

  13. Carlie says

    How do you know that’s not a woman with short hair on the end? The drawing looks pretty gender-ambiguous to me.

  14. Tatarize says

    I think that shirt is pathetic. Can we stop drawing atoms like tiny planets around a big clump of similarly sized clumps and can we stop drawing several partially erect hominids in rows.

  15. Bob O'H says

    I like the T-shirt too, even though it makes George the monkey

    Oh. You meant that George.


  16. says

    What is it with you and evolution/Beatles crossover t-shirts?

    It has to do with being born in the 1950s.

    Posted by: O-dot-O

    I was born in the fifties and think that the Beatles are the most overrated band in the history of popular music but I still find the T-shirt cool.

  17. mothra says

    A better T-Shirt might be the ‘Help’ album cover showing four erect hominids with progressively more human features since we all know that knuckle walking and erect posture are ecological adaptations to two differing ‘life-styles.’ Brains-go-in-last. Hominids were erect walkers and still small brained. Not to be confused with fundies who are erect walkers and small minded.