1. Ric says

    But the cow reminds me of Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir, so I’d vote for him.

    The flower should be his VP. Better than any of the Republicans.

  2. CalGeorge says

    Speaking of freaks of nature, the Hitchens book, god is not Great, is really good! Only on page 7, but enjoying it a lot. Humanities types will like it (he has mentioned Middlemarch, Freud, Wodehouse so far).

    Nice bright yellow jacket, with god in the littlest type, uncapitalized, provokes a smile (I am easily amused).

    He starts off by going after his schoolteacher, Mrs. Watts, who said one day: “So you see, children, how powerful and generous God is. He has made all the trees and grass to be green, which is exactly the color that is most restful to our eyes. Imagine if instead, the vegetation was all purple, or orange, how awful that would be.”

    Our Kirk Cameron is channeling Mrs. Jean Watts of Dartmoor!

  3. llewelly says

    Uh … I thought the corpse flower was a normal and healthy specimen of its type, and therefor, not a freak?

  4. FishyFred says

    I’m voting for Giant Douche. Because if I vote for Turd Sandwich, I might have to take a bite.

  5. beccarii says

    Enhancements to the Perry (short for Hyperion) site – we now have three webcams (distant, top-down, and close) pointed at Perry, and a number of stop-motion videos have been posted on the site as well as on YouTube and Google Video. Traffic on the blog seems to be picking up a bit, as well, though it’s still relatively low.