The Antarctic octopus gets farked

Fark is having an octopus photoshop contest — most of the entries make me go “eh”, but there are a few nice ones.


Phil Plait thinks this could be a symbol of rapprochement between the brilliant analysts of the natural world at Pharyngula and those slack-jawed people who stare dully at the sky at Bad Astronomy. (I kid, astronomers probably think a little bit now and then, too.)


  1. Rheinhard says

    Now now, PZ, I thought that after the grinding attrition of the “Best Science Blog” contest, that the Pharynguloids and BadAstronomers had reached a rapprochement…

  2. says

    I realize that photoshopping has become an all-purpose word for digital image manipulation, but as a loyal GIMP user, I must register my complaint. (unless you don’t like open source software?)

  3. sinned34 says

    most of the entries make me go “eh”

    So most of the entries make you pretend you’re Canadian? I thought only international travel and the occasional comment from politicians made you Yankees do that…

  4. Bryn says

    Hey, now! Those of us who choose to look up don’t think any the less of those who prefer to stare into the deeps. Play nice!

  5. says

    Finally, photographic evidence of the blind idiot god Azathoth, who bubbles and blasphemes at the centre of the universe forever…either that or somebody snapped me unwrapping birthday presents at midnight. One or the other.