1. Greg Peterson says

    Son of a BITCH! Fifty weeks out of fifty-two I check to see what’s going to be on Science Friday, and on one of the two when I don’t check, it has to be this–right while I’m reading “Monkey Girl,” and right after having seen “Flock of Dodos”! And in the midst of lively conversations about teaching evolution, to boot. I guess I can catch the podcast. Thanks for drawing this to my attention–I would kick myself if I missed it.

  2. David Wilford says

    So far, it’s been a good discussion although I still think that Olson does set the scientists up to come off as being arrogant by simple virtue of talking with them over a poker game.

    I do disgree with the claim that “intelligent design” can ever be a science, because its conclusion (God Did It) is untestable as it’s a supernatural assertion.

  3. says

    Well, as expected, it was a pretty good show. Flato holds no brief for the creationists.

    We (UMN Anthro … actually, me and some of the undergrads) are going to organize another screening of Flock of Dodos some time shortly after the DVD arrives … (ordered today). Probably something small, but I’ll post it.

  4. says

    I think we overloaded their server. But maybe this will result in some new members for them. I didn’t know about this show nor about the podcasts.

  5. Mothra says

    The important point of the NPR discussion was the new tack by IDers[iots], using ‘academic freedom’ as a guise to get creationism into science classrooms. After a seminar and editorial in a local news paper a year ago, I still receive letters from one particular IDer. My standard first response (to all queries) is a list of about 30 books, review articles, and primary source research papers with the kindly delivered comment to master this material and then we can have an intelligent debate. About a month ago, I received the ‘academic freedom’ argument. My two page reply, summarized to one sentence: the argument raised is a red herring, the issues with regards to a science class are: relevance, accuracy, and integrity.

  6. Curt Cameron says

    I subscribe to the Science Friday podcast, so if you want to get a back epidode, just get the podcast file from their web site.