Hello, Tetrapod Zoology!

Well, heck, Darren Naish has been posting here for a week, so it’s past time to give a belated welcome to Tetrapod Zoology, the latest addition to the Scienceblogs family of fine sci-punditry.


  1. says

    I’ve been reading up on his last few articles over the past week, and hugely enjoying his wide range of interests. I got so excited that I wrote a glowing review of his blog (click my name to the left there if you care to read it).

    Thanks for introducing me to Darren in the first place, and for making sure he gets the recognition he deserves!

  2. says

    What do you think of my theory PZ.

    I have just thought of a way to fit all the animals on Noahs ark. Noah was a timelord like the Doctor in Doctor Who. Hell maybe he was the Doctor. The ark was the T.A.R.D.i.S and is bigger on the inside than the outside. Perhaps the chameleon chip wasn’t broken at this time and the T.A.R.D.I.S was disguised as an ark.

    My theory has more basis than any other creationist crackpottery lol.

  3. hexatron says

    Call out the thought police!
    Scientific American has a gallery of microphotographs here
    (or see http://www.sciam.com)
    But the captions are shuffled for your entertainment!
    The cute baby squidling is labelled a ‘dog flea’
    and the iridescent dog flea is labelled ‘live bovine pulmonary epithelial cells’.
    I know the mag has gone downhill, but…

  4. CCP says

    Well, I’ll say something nice too. Have enjoyed Naish’s stuff for some time (originally encountered him while lurking in the Dinosaur listserve archives). One warning to the uninitiated: don’t click over there unless you have some time…the guy’s posts are LOONG.

  5. says

    Dear hexatron and others, greetings from sciam.com, where you will now find a correctly captioned photo gallery. We even jazzed up the title so you’ll know you’re getting something new. I think we inadvertantly hit on a good idea, though. Next time we’ll make it a contest. You guess which caption goes where, or better yet, submit your own and we’ll pick the best one. It’ll be just like the New Yorker.