1. says

    Every now and then Trudeau gets nails it and this cartoon proves it.

    I checked and it isn’t there yet. I’ll have to enter it.

  2. Tyson Burghardt says

    If it’s like any other library Bush will never enter it to read anything anyway.

  3. says

    hmmmm, wonder if I substitute “belief” for “think” in everyday life, things will go better for me?

    “I ‘believe’ in the structure of this database, so the flaws you point out are irrelevant!”

    might make things a whole lot simpler.

  4. says

    “Belief Tank” is brilliant. Add one to the lexicon.

    The genious here is in what Trudeau did not say. “Faith Tank” is not as biting and clear. “Faith Tank” is not cynical enough and could even catch on. “Belief Tank” is a timeless up-yourx.

  5. says

    I had to post on that one, as well.

    I show the first two panes though, just because the Haliburton dig is head-shakingly funny enough in its own right.

  6. Roadtripper says

    If this ‘belief tank’ thing catches on, the believers will probably refer to think tanks which oppose their ideals as ‘skeptic tanks.’

  7. Bobryuu says

    That half-a-billion dollar cost (after some research to determine its truth) makes me physically sick to my stomach; almost more so than that mint hot chocolate after a bottle of Newcastle did.

  8. says

    I’ve always found it interesting that the word “lie” is dead center in the middle of the word “believe”. I guess in “belief” it’s a little off center.

  9. BlueIndependent says

    Right-wing think tanks house some level of doubt about the policies they advocate? That’s odd. They sure don’t act like it.

  10. Keanus says

    Consider that Bush’s library will be the ultimate in contradictions. A library to honor a man who loudly proclaims he doesn’t read and basis his decisions on beliefs and faith with little if any reference to rational thought. It does seem entirely appropriate that it might host a “belief tank”, who’s specialty will undoubtedly be truthiness.

    Interestingly the part of the faculty at SMU which is most opposed to the library being sited at SMU is the theology faculty. Those religious have a much different take on beleifs than Bush.

  11. says

    I’ve always found it interesting that the word “lie” is dead center in the middle of the word “believe”. I guess in “belief” it’s a little off center.

    Copyright that line, quick! There’s a poster there for sure, and maybe a bumper sticker.

  12. says

    Every think tank is a belief tank, by that definition. The stuff the AEI churns out isn’t any more rigorous than the stuff Discovery does. The AEI just gets away with it more because mainstream economics is on less solid ground than mainstream biology.

  13. SEF says

    I guess in “belief” it’s a little off center.

    That’s OK because they don’t generally have just the one belief. So it should be “beliefs” anyway.