1. Jeffrey Cornish says

    My wife and I attended an Edible Insect panel at a furry convention a few years ago.

    It tasted like chicken. Very small, very crunchy, covered with spices chicken.

    That looked like toasted worm.


  2. G. Tingey says

    Two thoughts …

    ONE: I always thought that the ideal food-concession for any SF-Con would be the garlic-mushroom stall!

    TWO: When I was small, and (as all small children do) asked what was this food that I didn’t like (and didn’t know) was – got the answer from my father: “It’s fried Widgetty Grubs, and it’s Delicious!

  3. Emily says

    Actually, I think grasshoppers taste better curried than grubs. Mealworms are great ground up in cracker dips or cookies. Crickets don’t really taste good in anything. Cicadas are fabulous either as tempura or dipped in chocolate, and silkworms and bananas frozen in chocolate make an excellent dessert. Scorpions make a nice salad topper, and waterbugs are peel-and-eat. Cockroaches taste like perfume.

    I’ve run several insect-eating programs for the museum I work at and they’re always a great success. People love/hate/are fascinated by eating bugs.