1. tacitus says

    Given the stink of natural gas pervading the streets on Manhatten this morning, perhaps this is not the best morning to be frolicking on the streets of New York!

  2. says

    Hysterical! Definitely to be shared! It covers all of my least favorite noises — especially speaker phones and those cutesy ring tones for cell phones.

  3. Steve_C says

    Sorry the weather is so crappy today. After a week of dry 60 degree weather.

    Be sure it’s open. Some museums are closed on mondays.

  4. Molly, NYC says

    Sorry about the rain. You should have been here Saturday. People were walking around, dressed for July. It was like an ad about the effects of global warming.

  5. Dianne says

    The mayor says the mercaptoethanol like smell isn’t harmful, but since he also says that he doesn’t know what it is yet I don’t see how he can know for sure.

  6. khan says

    I’m so glad I took an early retirement offer; I might have become that samurai.

    I especially remember the guy who only used the phone in speaker mode.

  7. Michele says

    I am SO glad I am retired! I remember a co-worker who clipped his nails (both finger and toe) at his desk. He was offended when I told him to that in the men’s room.

    The next worst experience was having a cube opposite the men’s room. I always paid special attention when it was pot luck time … I always knew who didn’t wash their hands!

  8. MTran says

    I especially remember the guy who only used the phone in speaker mode.

    You worked with that guy, too? Yikes, he gets around, doesn’t he? The guy was in the office next to mine. Everyone complained to him about it but… he was the boss and seemed to think it was funny that his loud mouth could be heard on the other side of the office.

    I’ve been lucky enough to have had private window offices since before I graduated so I don’t think I could ever handle life in a cube farm. I have no natural resistance and I’m not aware of any vaccines for this sort of thing. Though a lobotomy might make the days bearable.

  9. says

    You know what I hate most about working in a cubicle farm? There’s always some bloody samurai changing in the supplies room so you can never use it.