The great Phoenix blogger get-together

A few of us infamous bloggers met at a pleasant party at the home of Jim and Kat Lippard, and here we are:

At last, someone has accurately reported on my awe-inspiring personal presence:

P.Z. Myers was a towering giant of a man, with a bristling piratical mustache, a rakish beard, fangs, and little sucker-tipped tentacles instead of fingers. His booming, gravelly voice took over every conversation and ranted at us until we all finally agreed with him about everything.

I think the fact that I look shorter than everyone else in that picture is an optical illusion.


  1. Interrobang says

    You look like my old university Astro professor, who was this irate Lithuanian guy with a huge ‘tude, but dressed just that way. Everyone else is in jeans… The picture looks like the Battle of the Bands champs getting their picture taken with the president of the Chess Club at their 20-year high school reunion. *grin*

  2. bad Jim says

    I think our host is in costume as a “professor”: white shirt, sweater vest, khaki slacks. Where’s the tweed jacket with elbow patches?

  3. John Farrell says

    I think the fact that I look shorter than everyone else in that picture is an optical illusion.

    But hey–you still have a full head of hair. Be thankful!


  4. says

    I can’t repress the thought that this is a photograph of the trigger of D. James Kennedy’s heart attack. Anyone want to wager on how many dartboards in Seattle and Texas this photo will be on, and whose?

  5. Spud says

    PZ, when that pic was taken why were you standing in a hole and everyone else standing on boxes? ;-)

  6. Jake says

    The reason for the apparent difference between photo and reality could be parallax effect. I’d like to see the camera angles that show the “towering giant”.

  7. Observer says

    I had the same thoughts as Interrobang. Do you ever wear jeans? PZ looks like the quintessential professor…always. Moreso, the quintessential mind-mannered professor. When I heard PZ on a podcast I was floored! An octopus is an apt analogy: they’re so wonderfully serene and gentle looking swimming in the deep, but perturb one and they become Kraken-like by nature. They’re so clever too. I’m sure a lot of bloggers are surprised when they meet PZ.