Reason #3 to vote for Pharyngula


Now Phil has gone too far. In a Rovian scheme to pander to bigotry, he has confessed to cultivating my love of cephalopods to discredit me, and he has also stated that liking invertebrates is “unhealthy”. And now he has called us cephalapodufascist!


This is what he sent me in his sneaky, long-term plan to pander to the anti-cephalopod faction. It’s adorable, it’s charming, it’s sweet…yet Phil Plait considers it “unhealthy”. He probably hates Cephalopodmas, too.

Vote for Pharyngula. Unless you hate squid and want to be eaten last.

By the way, you should also vote for Sadly, No for Best Humor blog


  1. says

    You created a new word: cephalapodufascist. :)

    BTW, you have a great blog, don’t care about the voting as voting is evil (see Wikipedia).

  2. Mike Fox says

    Last time one of these came around, didn’t you call them stupid popularity contests? I voted for you and all; I’m just saying you aren’t usually the hypocrite on this sorta thing.

  3. says

    Yes, and I honestly don’t care whether I win or lose…but it’s fun to twist Phil’s nose, anyway. Look at it more as BA and Pharyngula seeing who can punch each other in the shoulder the hardest.

  4. Dan says

    Wait, will our squid overlords stoop to begging for votes, when they finally reveal themselves?! I think not. Nonetheless, I’ll vote for Pharyngula because it’s not only the best science blog I know, it’s the best blog I know period.

  5. Ellen says

    At the moment, it is practically a rout. You are miles ahead of everyone except an astronomy blog. Given the cephalopodic appearance of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, perhaps you should join forces with this astronomy guy and form a new blog called Intergalactic Invertebrates. Then you could really destroy the competition.

  6. seedmagfan says

    I’m just voting because it was so stupid to turn it into a competitive thing in the first place. I hope the weblog people see that it becomes a personality contest with the likes of the BA and Skeptit doing hysterial rallies. If PZ wins, maybe they’ll see the absurdity of treating it like this in the first place. And I’m not into PZ nude. Want brains. Brains!

  7. Marc Buhler says

    As of just now, you were past the 1500 vote mark and Phil was only just passing 1300 votes. This time, keep the lead. (signed) marc

  8. says

    Advantage: Pharyngula. Let’s face it, squids and octopi have far more mouse- and keyboard-using appendages than humans; from a practical point of view it was incredibly clever of him to stake out his territory in this way.

  9. Stevo says

    Well this is the first time I’ve visited your blog and that’s coz the BA linked to it from his one so this is helping you both .. But have you seen the SQUITTEN!

    (Squid-kitten) Check out Phil’s creation of whathe views is your creation .. on the BadAstronomy blog somewhere there.

    Sorry, PZ I’ve voted for Phil & am hoping he wins – but your sites not bad either…