1. quork says

    Sorry to sidetrack such an important topic, but this morning I went over to the Talk.Origins site, clicked “Search the Archive” and typed in “kitzmiller.” I get this message:

    Your search – kitzmiller – did not match any documents.

    Have the Kitzmiller transcripts been moved off the site, or is this a search engine problem?

  2. Steverino says

    LOL….They are doing the “YMCA” by the Village People. A wedding/Christmasparty favorite of White people everywhere!….LOL

    Look at it again.

  3. Mena says

    Actually it isn’t a favorite of white people everywhere. My sister’s ex-husband is German and they got married over there. The DJ had a tape of what they consider to be American classic songs that are appropriate for weddings. Toward the end YMCA was on and my sister, her friend who was German but raised in the US before going back to Germany, and I were doing the whole thing (I’m not shy and my sister and her friend had a bit too much Lagermeister) and everyone else was trying to figure out what we were doing. No one joined us, not even the young people, but it was fun. It got sublime when the final dance was to Amazing Grace. Not an easy song to dance to, not even when you are trying to be polite, but we did tell a couple of people that it was more commonly played at funerals. Given who my sister married and how much of an ass he is it turns out it was quite appropriate.

  4. BJNicholls says

    IMHO “YMCA” is more appropriately played at funerals than at weddings. If these guys were really dedicated to parody, they’d be wearing the appropriate costumes.

    Great, now I’m hearing the Village People singing, “It’s fun to hang at the i-n-r-i”.

  5. Erin M says

    I wouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, BJN. Besides, they appear to be in an art museum, and I’d hate to be the one explaining to security why a cop, a biker, and an Indian were all headed into the galleries.

  6. BlueIndependent says

    Damn, so simple yet so infuriating to the wrong demographic.

    Well, here’s to ’em. 25 or 30 years have passed without someone coming up with that one.

  7. SEF says

    The link was working for me (and I seem to be the one who most can’t see them or they crash my computer). It took me a few moments to get past the “are they doing the 3 monkeys badly” stage.

  8. KevinC says

    The local radio station, across the border, in Mexicali played that song the other day so it’s been in my head for since then anyway. Thanks for another dose.

  9. says

    I don’t know what’s more hilarious, that photo or the comments.

    Q: Why does the photo look like it was rushed? Scared or something?

    A: cos the guy on the left was about to die stoopid. duh!


  10. anomalous4 says

    Baptist Preacher’s Kid says: OUCH!!!!!!!!! You just made me snort my bleeping cabernet!

    Cabernet? OK, I’m a “bad” Baptist. (So sue me. You’ll get about 69 cents including legal fees.) I’m already going to hell for realizing Darwin was onto something. Might as well enjoy a good glass of wine (after all, Jesus didn’t turn water into Welchade!) and a great big ROFL while I’m here……