Friday Cephalopod bonus images!

You may have noticed that it was Halloween earlier this week, and I’ve got a few pictures of the cutest little squid dressed up as humans and cadging candy from people. Cephalopods are so clever!

Who could resist hugging a cephalopod as cute as that? And then when you’re in close, the arms wrap around you, the beak opens, and…


Look at that: octopus vs. shark. We know who wins that one. There’s a whole photo series of this omnivorous beastie at the link.


And they say my Friday cephalopod series can’t compete with Cute Overload…

This octopus has everyone fooled—they think he’s a high school teacher.


For the classy art crowd, here’s a few paintings to admire. I wouldn’t mind having these on my wall.


This is my mp3 player of choice. Funny thing about that silhouette, though—I don’t remember posing for their ad campaign.



  1. Evan Murdock says

    Interesting that they all take off their human costumes for Halloween. Perhaps the tradition is different in cephalopod community.

  2. SpringheelJ says

    As one of the lowest ranking members of the ‘classy art crowd’ (yes- I am an artist)- I’d like to suggest mentioning the NAME of the artist/s who painted the above pieces.

  3. Heather Kuhn says

    Um, snail, the URL doesn’t work. I’m afraid you put an extra dot after the “html”. I think it was supposed to be the period for the sentence.

    It’a easily fixed though, and I was able to get to the page once I realized what the problem was.

  4. says

    Damned punctuation! I realised too, then I got confused about whether I should correct it, which might then look as if I were directly traffic etc etc. Thanks for the heads up.

    The artist in that post used to work with Mark Norman, whose ceph book is featured here from time to time.

  5. Torbjörn Larsson says


    But he did, put your mouse over the picture and if you have a sane browser you will see the artist name in the link.

  6. SpringheelJ says


    Heh, I was using another’s computer when I wrote that. Must have had something disabled.