Watch these!

This morning, I’m off to the Unitarian Church of Willmar to talk about creationism. I’ll be back later, but ’til then, you kiddies can watch some TV. Flea has David Rakoff, if you want to laugh at the inanity of the right wing, while Crooks and Liars hosts the latest Olbermann, if you’re more in the mood for tragedy, in this case the unraveling of the Constitution.


  1. Stwriley says

    Rakoff may be the funniest person to occupy the seat opposite Stewart in quite a while. I haven’t laughed so hard since… well I can’t remember when. And the “vaginas can take a lot of abuse” line needs to be written on banners and held up at every right-wing rally we can find. Meanwhile Olbermann brings out the cat-o-nine (a little pirate reference for you PZ) to flog BushCo over the one ugly truth that no other media figure will touch, the outright fabrication of positions and ideas that he then attributes to his political enemies. This was quite a pair, PZ, thanks for the links.

  2. Steve LaBonne says

    I wish Olbermann would stop pussyfooting around and tell us what he really thinks! ;)

    But as much as I admire and enjoy him, where are the Democratic politicians who should be forthrightly calling out Bush on his constant lies? That’s who we need to be hearing this from- not just TV talking heads.

  3. wade says

    I need to comment on the abuse of the “vaginas can take a lot of abuse” line. I recall back in about ’87 when a very well known biochemist from Caltech gave a talk about HIV. One of his early slides was of a vagina and a rectum. Being one of those NIH MD/Ph.Ds it’s easy to get away with. His comment was that one of these was designed to take abuse and the other wasn’t. The comment about design wasn’t your ID’est sort, a staunch defender of evolution and one of the pioneers of molecular and genetic analysis of antibody diversity.
    The observation isn’t anything other than a medical fact. The truth of the observation doesn’t change if it’s stated by an medical expert of a right wing homophobic fool.

  4. Judy L. says

    i believe the quote was actually: “the vagina can take a lot of punishment”.

    the truth is, the vagina does have some natural advantages as far as being self-lubricating (when aroused and functioning optimally), but this still doesn’t protect it entirely from the same small tears and abrasions that sometimes occur with anal intercourse, which give HIV easier access to the bloodstream.

    i had never heard of rakoff before watching this when it aired last week; the next day i rushed out and bought both his books.