Getting ready for Halloween (already?)

Since I saw this meme at Dr Crazy’s place, I thought I’d toss it up here for the commenters to make suggestions.

” If I were designing a Pharyngula Halloween costume, it would consist of…”

It’s actually relevant. I just put out a call at my university for volunteers for Cafe Scientifique, which we will be holding on the last Tuesday of each month…and the October calendar puts that on Halloween. I’m going to be trying to organize a panel session on “Mad Scientists and Monsters” as the topic that day, and ask the panelists to show up in costume. So let’s see what suggestions you might come up with!


  1. says

    Anyone know how to build servo-controlled tentacles?

    If someone decides to do one of these for a little obscure blogger like me, be sure to remember my +3 flaming anti-vaxxer bane tire iron as an accessory.

  2. speedwell says

    I just thought of a way to sew a squid or octopus costume that wouldn’t look like the bottom half of a man sticking out of its mouth… and would even be easy to get into and out of… but I would need about 400 of those clear suction cups…

  3. zwa says

    bonus if you are going with someone and they dress as a pirate

    even better go as that pirate squid thing from that johnny deep vehicle.

  4. RedMolly says

    A squid is so… y’know… obvious. How about something truly terrifying, like Kent Hovind? Lotsa slapdash PowerPoint slides, a few amateurish-looking tracts, a fistful of Bibles… oh yeah, and a giant tax lien.

  5. Scott Hatfield says

    Well. Obviously. As one of the undead squid cyborg army.

    Just remember, though, my zombie creationist-squirrel halfbreeds will yet triumph!


  6. Molly, NYC says

    I’m going to be trying to organize a panel session on “Mad Scientists and Monsters” as the topic that day . . .

    Go with a monster costume; how many scientists do you know of are actually mad?

    (Well, there’s John Nash, if I’m to believe what I see at the movies, but that’s stretching a point, and anyway, how do you dress as a mathematician?)

  7. says

    anyway, how do you dress as a mathematician?

    Cardboard box with a funnel on top and a slot in the front, respectively labelled “Coffee in” and “Theorems out”.

  8. Ian Menzies says

    While pirates and cephalopods seem like obvious choices, I would think that you couldn’t go wrong with the most obvious choice: a Pharyngula.

  9. bad Jim says

    how do you dress as a mathematician?

    I had Steven Smale for differential equations. He wore sport shirts with the top two buttons undone. No pens in his pocket. Not exactly the height of style in Berkeley, even then, but comfortable.

  10. says

    Now, come on… the number and size of the tentacles don’t matter… only that they use proper protection. Any Pharyngula squid-like costume must be complete with cephalopod condoms.

  11. Mike Fox says

    The most “Pharyngulic” costume is clearly going as 24 to 48 hour old embryo named MP Zyers. (Names changed to protect the innocent and otherwise)
    Mike Fox