Random cephalopodia

People send me things that put lust in my heart.


I want one of these.


I want some of these, too.


I need a seal like this so I can stamp all my official correspondence with it.

Clearly, there will be a future need for Space Squid Conservationists.



  1. mary says

    Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute had a giant inflatable squid at their open house:
    It was supported by a clear inflated cone. We assumed that was its stomach, and were disappointed when the children weren’t sucked up into the mouth and dropped into the innards. *sigh*

    (I didn’t upload the photos that show the squid more fully, as they just weren’t all that good. But I’m willing. :) )

  2. Mooser says

    I see what you mean. What is it with the one-eyed octopussies all over the place? Does that make them scarier? Cycloptopus!

  3. Krakus says

    Umm…what is the “Best Secret Society” anyway? Is it somethig to do with gigantic cephalopods, because if so, I want in.

  4. Patness says

    “clearly, thgere will be a future need for Space Squid Conservationists”

    Of course. We wouldn’t want to end it too quickly. Waste of good human.

  5. David Harmon says

    “Clearly, there will be a future need for Space Squid Conservationists.”

    Of course, the sign on the *other* side probably reads: “warning: vicious mammals”. :-)

  6. says

    I love it when my kids’ friends come over and are jealous of my Cthulhu… really must find my 3 foot long squid again, too. It’s around here someplace…