Truth in advertising

When you see the sun over the ocean in California, I think it means the sun is setting. Maybe it was just subconscious honesty that the Lieberman campaign used a stock sunset photo to illustrate his status. He’s Holy Joe, he can’t help but tell the truth.


  1. Christopher Gwyn says

    But isn’t every sunrise a sunset to people on the other side of the world? The sunset in Joe’s advert is just the backside of a sunrise…so I suppose you could say that Joe is mooning us.

  2. Molly, NYC says

    Misrepresentation aside, how about sheer laziness? Connecticut has a coastline (and other scenic bits), much of which not only looks nice at sunrise, but might be pleasantly recognizable to Connecticut residents (Connecticutans?). I know they’re technological boneheads at the Lieberman campaign, but surely someone there has heard of digitial cameras?

  3. says

    Connecticut’s shore is on its South side. You wouldn’t really see the sun rising over the water. (And the water is just the Sound anyway, which has little in the way of good surf. Not terribly photogenic.)

  4. oldhippie says

    “It’s a perfect Lieberman symbol: setting sun, running in reverse, and three thousand miles from anything Connecticut cares about.”

  5. says

    That particular photo was a sunset, yes, and Lieberman deserves all of the mockery he’s getting over this.

    But one odd fact worth pointing out: Due to the coast around Santa Barbara running in a generally east-west direction, you can actually watch the sun rise over the ocean from UC Santa Barbara’s Campus Point. I did this several times as an undergrad.