See what I mean?

People like the Disgruntled Chemist see stuff like this, and they just think, “PZ!”


Of course, it is breakfast time, and I’m thinking…man oh man, I could go for a big bowl of tasty Squid Chunks right now. Mmmm-mmmm. Piquant, and they slide down so smooth and easy.

I could be their ‘celebrity’ pitchman!


  1. says

    People like the Disgruntled Chemist see stuff like this, and they just think, “PZ!”

    Well…yeah! That’s exactly what happened!

    And I think the milk is just for decoration, or to accompany the meal. I don’t imagine a bowl of squid chunks even approaching “dry”.

  2. says

    The following was quoted at me by fortune the other day:

    A girl and a boy bump into each other — surely an accident.
    A girl and a boy bump and her handkerchief drops — surely another accident.
    But when a girl gives a boy a dead squid — *_ _ _ _ that _ _ _ had _ _ to _ _ _ _ mean _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ something*.
    — S. Morgenstern, “The Silent Gondoliers”

    Naturally, I thought of you, and all the meaningful tributes people send you.

  3. says

    Now with 50% more tentacles?

    Smacks of genetic engineering to me. But I’m all in favour, as I’m sure PZ is; the tentacles are the tastiest (and wiggliest) part!

  4. no one says

    “Tasty breakfast squids are sweeping the Nation!”

    Yep. I thought of Invader Zim too.

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    John, sliced, dried squid are pretty good. I got hooked on them while living in Korea and Japan. Great dipped in Korean chili sauce.

    I love the Japanese / Korean seafood-flavored chips and snacks. (Shrimp chips! yum!)

    Both countries also sell something I could only call, “Squid Balls”. (No, this isn’t an anatomy lesson!) This tasty snack is made of dried, powdered squid mixed with flour and turned into a batter and wrapped around a peanut, then breaded and deep fried, and sold in a snack-sized ‘potato chip style’ bag. Mmmm! The batter puffs away from the peanut, so when you shake the balls, you can hear their nuts rattle!

    As for what goes with squid, certainly NOT milk! Hotsauce and beer! (So I’m told. Being a teatotaler I prefer Hotsauce and Diet Coke.)

  6. says

    That’s something else I miss from Korea, buying dried squid from the street market – either hanging in the air, or stacked in neat, cardboard-like stacks. Each squid is only about a quarter-inch thick after they clean and dry it.

    The seller takes down the squid that you pick, tosses it over a low flame and toasts it on each side, slides it into a paper bag and hands it to you. You rip off shreds and chew. Hot, sqiddy jerky.

    It’s actually pretty good, if you can get over any Western squeemishness.

  7. j says

    Calladus, you eat dried squid, shrimp chips, and squid balls? I do believe I have two of the three in my kitchen right now! (I can’t buy squid balls around here.)

  8. says

    You betcha j.

    The local Korean / Asian store sells Squid Balls. (I love California!) If you found a store that sells shrimp chips, ask if they’ll bring in some squid balls too – just to try.

    Squid-coated peanuts in a fried shell. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

  9. George Cauldron says

    Ahhhh! At last a thread that I am absolutely certain Jason will never comment in!

  10. j says

    Calladus, I have not been able to find squid balls in the local Asian market or in the larger Asian store in the nearest big city. This is the Midwest, after all.

  11. says

    j – you can shop for it right online! Try

    They’ve even got squid balls for 79 cents a bag!

    Except they call it ‘cuttlefish’. The picture looks like a squid to me – but I’m only an electrical engineer and can’t tell the difference. (Sorry PZ!)