1. says

    Yay! That’s my hometown college! And considering that Southern Illinois is no stranger to religious-based ignorance, this is especially cheering news. =)

  2. Mark Tschaepe says

    The weekend following “Darwin Day” (Feb.16-17), SIU-C will be hosting a colloquium on “Pragmatism and Biological Evolution”. Hopefully the zoology department will be willing to sell the bobbleheads at our event as well. Unfortunately we do not have Dewey bobbleheads for sale, although a pragmatist set of bobbleheads would be pretty nice. I also wish there was a little Huxley-as-a-bulldog bobblehead that went with the Darwin bobblehead. A little copy of Origin could be in its teeth.

  3. says

    I agree that the Philosopher’s Guild plushes are cuter. I really had to stifle the impulse to buy a stuffed Galileo last week at the AMNH. I was having visions of filming a puppet-dramatization of the “Dialogues Concerning the Two Chief World Systems” for my astronomy class.

  4. says

    I wondered where all the e-mails were coming from this morning! Thank you for putting this up — we need all the help we can get with getting the word out.

    I haven’t seen the plush Darwins mentioned by another poster, but the bobbleheads are for a great educational cause, and they really are quite nice. I think everyone needs both a plush Darwin AND a Darwin bobblehead.

    And if Ken Ham or anyone else wants to buy them, dress them up funny, drill holes in their heads, make them wear silly hats, or break them into tiny pieces, that’s fine by me. We can always make more, and we will use their money to educate people about evolution!

  5. Zbu says

    I’m tempted to get the bobblehead. It’ll match my Dalek action figures and the 10″ Martian Manhunter on my computer desk.

  6. joe says

    hey, can i buy one with my british £10 note… umm, the one with an actual picture of Darwin on it? ;-)