1. Ian H Spedding says

    Saw a very impressive cephalopod in the underground aquarium at the Mall of America. Thought of you immediately. Also got to stroke a small shark and a ray. Good fun.

  2. says

    That’s a particularly nice-looking cephalopod, PZ.

    My inlaws just got back from seeing a large octopus at an aquarium in Seattle (or it could have been Vancouver; frankly, I wasn’t paying that much attention). They were saying how gross and scary it was, with all the tentacles and suckers, etc. My sister-in-law even went so far as to delete the picture from her laptop.

    Of course, I told them they were crazy and it was a cool and even beautiful creature. They didn’t think so.

    They are anti-cephalopod heathens. ;-)

  3. Neil says

    In the past, I’ve had a hard time understanding your fascination with these critters, but I think I’m beginning to see the light. That is one beautiful creature. I guess I’m just a shallow person for being so into “appearances”. I am a long-time scuba diver and would love to run into this guy on a dive.

  4. says

    I got _Cephalopods: A World Guide_ for my birthday and am very grateful to you for bringing it to my attention. I LOVE THEM!

  5. David Harmon says

    Very pretty, but the way those tentacles are coiled would make me very nervous if I were approaching. Is that coloration actually a threat display?