1. says

    I loved the bit where ‘and thus he spake’ just comes out, and he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

  2. says

    that’s it, i’m attending the new kids church. oh, sign seen on west vancouver church the other day:

    Neiztche is Dead – God

    i’ll have to get a pic of that one before they change it.

  3. j says

    Did the sign actually spell “Nietzsche” that way? Because that would be amusing.

  4. Hungry Hungry Tauren says

    Ah, the Kids in the Hall are great. It’s interesting to that they had Scott Thompson as Jesus considering he’s gay. Yet another arrow in the satyrical quiver to hit the fundies with, and you can never get enough of insulting the fundies. Excellent vid.

  5. Cathy in Seattle says

    Oh, the Good Doctor Suess strikes again!

    “Now wait a minute Mr. PeeZee Myers! When Pharyngula’s in the bottle where the Jesus pleasers battle with their paddles in your noodle, like a brutal eating strudel….. THIS is what they call… An Evil Jesus brutal strudel bottles paddled muddled duddled fuddled wuddled Christo-Fascist, sir!

    “PZ Myers, our game is done, Sir. Thank you for a lot of fun , Sir.”

  6. 386sx says

    Quote of the day:

    “But, the kids are not going to church and they need to get it somewhere.”

    You can guess where that “somewhere” is. If you guessed “at home”, then you’re wrong.

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, too,
    Wednesday, Thursday just for you.
    Friday, Saturday that’s the end.
    Now let’s say those days again!