1. Paguroidea says

    Absolutely awesome footage! All of the movies are wonderful. The eloquent swimming of the sea cucumber really surprised me. It made me feel guilty for having sampled a sea cucumber before.

  2. Mephisto says

    This is utterly irrelevant, and you almost certainly are aware, but do you know there’s an attack blog on blogspot using the domain ‘pharyngula’? (can’t type it out because of a spam filter)

    I imagine it’s rather a boost to the ego to think that a semi-literate fundie like the one occupying that address has set up a blog purely to froth at you.

  3. Carlie says

    Lol – did you see the “about me” to the right of the blogspot? It’s Jason! He’s so enraged by PZ that he started an ENTIRE BLOG just to rant about PZ’s posts, and he’s disabled comments so that no one (especially PZ) can reply to them. Talk about making an echo chamber for yourself.

    I watched deep-earth movies today, myself – The Core was on FX, and I just had to tape it. It ranks up there as one of the worst abuse of science movies ever made.

  4. says

    Awesome footage.
    That unknown squid thing rocks, and i’m sure i’ve seen that Sea Cucumber on a episode of ‘Farscape’

  5. j says

    Haha, Mephisto and Carlie, I saw the “PZ Myers Exposed” blog because Jason links to that blog on his main blog. (He has a dozen blogs or so.) Apparently PZ is a “disgusting bigot.” How sad that he won’t enable comments. I doubt anyone reads it.

  6. says

    Wow. Your own anti-groupie! That is so cool…

    I especially love the title “…exposed”, as if he did some deep investigative reporting and found something hidden from the public eye.

  7. says

    Ignore it. PLEASE.

    Standing aside an angry blogspotter as an equal can only give the cretan more undeserved publicity. Now, where were we?