1. DrFrank says

    I don’t use the word `hero’ lightly but you, sir, are the greatest hero in American history [/simpsons]

  2. Marc Buhler says

    Gee, that was strange. Ann didn’t bad-mouth anybody. Too bad her publisher didn’t treat her the same way and refuse to publish her book.

    (signed) marc


  3. Steve_C says

    Hehe. Didn’t believe her excuse. He was so close to calling her a liar too.

    “Hey Ann! Why the long face?” hehe.

  4. Bob O'H says

    Ouch! Normally I would suggest that that was unkind: it might have been a mistake at their end. But the tone of her voice…


  5. Gaffer says

    Gaul ?

    I liked the comment to the effect that ‘that’s the first inetrview she’s ever done without saying anything offensive’.

  6. Steve_C says

    She just couldn’t believe that he questioned her excuse.

    Oh damn. Gall. Duh.

  7. Dave Puskala says

    Corolla is the first interviewer to give Coulter the respect that she deserves.

  8. says

    Be sure to go back to Adam Carolla’s site and listen to the “apology” he makes. Look for the link “Ann Coulter Fallout.”

    Carolla bashes on Coulter’s “horrible, chicken-ass” publicist, who demanded an apology, and goes on at length about Coulter herself.

    “Her book is called Godless — maybe it should be called Humorless.”

  9. says

    By the way, considering the disagreeable bitch schtick that Coulter has perfected, it’s inevitable that other people would follow her act. It’s just hilarious that it happened to HER.

    And wouldn’t it be funny if this kind of in-your-face response became a more and more common experience for Coulter?

  10. The Science Pundit says

    That was awesome! It ranks right up there with the time Ali G left Kent Hovind speechless by accusing him of not flushing.

  11. andy says

    The GAUL of someone giving her crap.

    Well, obviously Corolla was listening to his inner Frenchman…

  12. Chris says

    The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that the whole affair was a setup. Carolla spent more time talking *about* Coulter than he ever would have spent talking *to* Coulter, and furthermore, this makes Coulter look like an offended party instead of the hateful liar she obviously is. She makes a much better impression by not appearing on the show. It would be pretty easy to find out enough about Carolla’s persona to predict how he would react and push him into this, and then “demand” an apology in a way that would obviously piss him off even further (especially since Coulter was obviously in the wrong in the first place).

    Being pissed off at things appears to be his schtick in the first place, so he’d be a perfect target for that kind of manipulation.

    And in the segment where Carolla refuses to apologize to her? Someone on the show is nice enough to plug her book.

  13. Mnemosyne says

    Why do I have a feeling that Ann immediately called back and screamed, “Don’t you KNOW WHO I AM?!!?!?!”

    I’m pretty sure that Carolla’s audience isn’t thinking of Coulter as “an offended party.” They’re still laughing at what Adam did. And they’re not going to give a crap for any right-wingers who try to tell them about poor, innocent, offended Ann.

    In fact, if Ann complains about it, she’s going to look like even more of a moron than she already does, which is her exact schtick (“Can’t you take a joke?”) Carolla turned the tables on her using her own techniques, so she’s probably going to shut up and never mention it even if asked.

  14. Fred J says

    Hope this helps:
    Find “Ann Coulter Fallout” on 1st page,
    just double click on “play”

  15. BlueIndependent says

    It took me a few clicks, but I got it to play.

    Hopefully this marks a change in the public tide with regards to her. Carolla definitely did the right thing by givin’ her the boot.

  16. PaulC says

    Someone who shows up late to a broadcast interview doesn’t deserve any consideration whether it’s her fault, her publicist’s fault, the phone company’s fault, or the effect of sunspot behavior.

    Carolla’s approach was admittedly not up to Miss Manners standards, though I don’t blame him. The standard approach would have been to tell Coulter off the air that she missed the spot and it would not be rescheduled. Her statement, especially her complaint about her time being tight, suggests that she thought Carolla should consider it some kind of privilege that she deigned to call in at all. I’m not holding my breath, but I hope that Carolla’s response might have helped Coulter understand even briefly that she’s not the center of the universe, or even very important as celebrities go.

  17. John Lucid says

    Hopefully if a C-list hack like Carolla has the guts to do it then maybe the big boys and girls will shut also start shutting her down.

  18. JamesR says

    That is perfect. She can dish it out but can she take it? The problem with people like Coulter is that they infect a broad range of people who believe that the facts are as the Coulters state.
    A few of us have been in a discussion? With a young man who claims:

    Comment from: javier [Member]
    I will leave this site with a comment a chemistry professor made. It is simple but for this site it will speak volumes. Can 2 parrots mate and have a crow.

    This is the premise of evolution, like it or not. This is it.

    The whole comments section is filled with such as this and can be found here

    Javiers comments are posted rapid fire and hard to read. I have begun to be amused toward the end of the comments section. He also states that men should sprout wings if evolution were real.

    The reason I bring it up is that here is someone who believes in this crap and is going to great lengths to preach this inane trash to any and all. He attends San Jose State University in CAlifornia. He claims that what he says is being taught there. I have a very hard time accepting that.Any SJSU Profs or students? Is it true. If it is I am going to reconsider my support for that Univ.

    His insistence that what he claims as true is the reason for us to speak out at every chance we can.

  19. Carlie says

    I couldn’t get the apology to play, but the original was great. She has such an inability to interact with other people, doesn’t she? Someone calling under those conditions should have been apologetic to the hilt, and she took on a snippy tone with “SOMEONE gave me the wrong number (and I think it was you or one of the idiots you have working for you)” instead. Good for Adam to cut her the hell off. I hope he doesn’t reschedule her. I did like how they kept talking trash about her after that as well.

  20. says

    You know, even the Carolla thing is self-serving for Lil Orphan Annie because it brings her more publicity. She can’t lose for being a loser.

  21. buck says

    i am no fan of adam carolla…but i read an interview of his long back discussing the reasons he is an atheist…got there from some atheism link…so the book must’ve pissed him off right off the bat…

  22. allastair says

    Is adam corrolla really so bad? I mean apart from the whole ridiculous man show thing, he has always seemed like a pretty decent performer and, when he tries, a genuinely thoughtful individual. I couldn’t watch the Man Show. The whole premise was just too awful for me. So I don’t even know what went on there but when I have heard him, either on his radio show or when he used to do that show on MTV with the sex psychotherapist Dr. Drew, I never found him particularly offensive. What is it that I don’t know?

  23. Chet says

    It seems like a lot of people watched Corrolla’s Man Show and didn’t seem to understand that it largely parodied the “man” values that it seemed, on its face, to promote.

    On the face the show seemed like misogyny, but just watching a little closer, it’s pretty obvious that it was more about misandry.

  24. says

    Cute stunt. Set up Ann to make her look bad by giving her the wrong number, then lambasting her after she is finally given the right one. This just proves once again that Ann is 100% right about liberals: they don’t debate. They lie, scheme, smear, call people names and do everything else other than actually defend their beliefs. Corolla had to do this because he knows that he wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes going head-to-head against her.

  25. GH says

    They lie, scheme, smear, call people names and do everything else other than actually defend their beliefs.

    So pretty much what youdo around here. All and aren’t you painting with those dreaded broad strokes you complain about or is your ideology such that anyone with any ‘liberal’ position at all is a liar, schemer, name caller, etc.

    And furthermore how can you even justify that sentence when Coulter does nothing but lie, scheme, and call people names. Her arguments(particuarlly the science egads) are pretty vapid.

    So according to you liberals don’t just have a different perspective on things but are actually the enemy? How strange. How outright wierd that is.

  26. Bob O'H says

    The GAUL of someone giving her crap.

    Well, obviously Corolla was listening to his inner Frenchman…

    He should have headbutted her then.


  27. allastair says

    It seems like a lot of people watched Corrolla’s Man Show and didn’t seem to understand that it largely parodied the “man” values that it seemed, on its face, to promote.

    You might have a point chet. Like I said, I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it. But from what I have heard from Corolla, that seems like something he would get behind. Jimmy kimmel, on the other hand, not so much. I suspect that, like many phemomena in American culture, it could probably be read on multiple levels. I will never forget watching the Simpsons with a bunch of people in college and realizing that a lot of people get off on the violence in the itchy and scratchy cartoons as opposed to seeing it as satire.

  28. says

    Eh, I don’t know. If my approach to combatting creationism were to have a parody site, but I then discovered that instead of drawing in a large crowd of evolution fans who chuckled over it, I was getting hordes of morons cheering me on and telling all their friends how I was telling the TRVTH, I’d stop.

    Same with Ann Coulter. People make excuses for her, that she’s parodying right wing apes…but those same wingnuts love her.

    It’s not satire if the joke is so subtle that nobody gets it.

  29. rrt says

    Jason, friend… One of the lessons I learned about working in a semi public/community relations job a loooong time ago is this: Do not keep an interviewer waiting. Most especially not if it is a live interview. It can go badly for you. I’ve seen this angry reaction happen several times, and a few times with consequences nastier than this.

    Hosts/interviewers tend to become angry with guests when this happens. I don’t fully understand why, although many of the reasons are obvious (wasted effort, disappointing the audience as a host by failing to deliver, and a show that is “hollow” and less interesting because it’s been built around a guest who’s not there.) Given this, it’s puzzling to me why so many guests manage their schedules so poorly in this way. Perhaps it’s because many of these people are “self-employed,” whereas I would be fired for doing this, for making my employer look bad.

    So no, this reaction doesn’t “smell” to me at all, it seems perfectly typical. Coulter kept him waiting (for whatever reason), letting him build up a big head of steam, then had the gall to tell an already angry host that she barely had any time for the show which she’d already ruined.

  30. says

    I was a little miffed at seeming to agree with Mr. Corolla until I listened to the “apology”.
    Adam said he “walf-way agrees” with her on her takes on freedom of the individual. Upon this, if I had been a cartoon, I would have done a spit take with the coffee I was drinking, jetting twin caffienated streams from my nose, voiding the warranty on my note-book computer.
    As was discussed here earlier on Pharyngula, Ms. Coulter is all about freedom, especially “girl” scientists doing biology. Maybe their shared love of freedom is not too surprising, because I see Adam as one of those mysogynists who would probobly be rendered to undifferentiated cytoplasm on overstepping the threshold to any kitchen…

  31. swivel-chair says

    In 2003 Coulter agreed to be interviewed live on Michael Feldman’s public radio show “Whad’ya Know?” and the show promoted it (and thereby Coulter & her new book) all week. But when the show was on, she wouldn’t answer her phone. The interview is always a big part of the show, and her weaseling forced Feldman to fill most of the time with music, announcing every few minutes that she still wasn’t answering.

  32. Tim says

    I suspect that if they had pre-planned it, they would have had an audio clip of a phone hanging up on standby.


  33. PaulC says


    Hosts/interviewers tend to become angry with guests when this happens. I don’t fully understand why, although many of the reasons are obvious

    I thought the reasons you gave were more than sufficient. Maybe you just don’t understand anger. Look, if I show up at the day care 30 seconds late to pick up my kids, I pay a fine, and it goes up every 15 minutes thereafter. This has happened, by the way, because of unexpected traffic and poor planning on my part, but I’m quite embarrassed about it. I know that if I were to do it habitually, I’d lose the good will of people taking care of my kids (they’ve been understanding, but if they were angry at me, I would deserve it). Some places even have a strict policy of kicking out parents who are late too many times. In short, punctuality is a highly valued component of being a responsible adult.

    This is only exacerbated in the context of a radio interview. Coulter and Carolla are both celebrities, but Coulter’s fame clearly exceeds Carolla’s. Assuming the whole thing wasn’t a gag, her approach suggested that she knew she was the dominant party in the exchange and had every intention of using this fact to avoid apologizing and actually make it sound as if she was the one doing a favor. Do I “understand” why Carolla might be angry in that situation? Hell, yes. I might easily have responded in the same vein. Arguably, he should have simply cut losses early, like 5 minutes after the interview was scheduled. He could have said that Coulter had not appeared and would not be asked on later. Since any guest might not appear, it would be common sense for a show like that to have a contingency plan.

  34. junk science says

    The “interview” was great, but the “apology” just cemented that Carolla is a tired, boring jackass.