1. says

    Heck…that ain’t nuthin’.

    I’ve got a 1970’s Planet of the Apes magazine size comicbook with a beautiful color cover of a gorilla soldier fighting a giant squid with a spear.

  2. CCC says

    The only stash of vintage pulp/comics I ever came across in my years of garage saling/flea marketing was a box of hundreds of old “Treasure Chest” Catholic comics from the 50’s and 60s.

    The only scary creatures on the covers were various depictions of the “Red Menace” attacking priests and stuff. Still, pretty cool, I should dig them out some day.

  3. Blue Mako says

    Every time I see the cover they gave The Octopus Cycle, I can’t help but laugh because they’re walking backwards…

  4. George says

    I saw a giant pacific octopus in a marine lab last summer and found I could not stop gazing at it. I was transfixed by the wonderful colors, the changes of shape, and the graceful movements unfolding before me. It felt somehow like I was looking deep into the past. I was hooked.