1. Caledonian says

    Nonsense. The world ended on June 14th, 1873. No one noticed at the time.

  2. says

    I’ve attached a pair of WAKE boosters to the hardpoints on my back and launched myself into orbit. At least when I’m left alone drifting in space, I’ll be able to catch up on my Armored Core.

  3. ajay says

    1. Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

    2. This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

  4. George says

    Couldn’t it wait until Saturday? I’ve got a lot to catch up on at work.

  5. says

    “It’s after the end of the world. Don’t you know that yet?” -Sun Ra

    Goodie, I can finish reading The Extended Phenotype (hard book to find!). But I thought the comet was supposed to hit today. I was just about to grab a lemon bar and a latté just in case.

  6. Joker Cross says

    My left eye is feeling kind of puffy, but I doubt that’s a sign of impending destruction either.

  7. Bachalon says

    Oh shit, I completely forgot about that.

    How do you know we’re not reading this from purgatory (I kid, I kid)?

  8. says

    How do you know we’re not reading this from purgatory

    Because I’m looking out the window right now and seeing the empty streets of Morris, the gray skies of Minnesota…oh, wait. My Dog. Could it be&hellip:?

    Is one of the other names of the River Styx the Pomme de Terre?

  9. quork says

    16:25 EDT and the world is still here. It’s good to know yesterday’s effort in mowing the lawn was not wasted.

  10. natural cynic says

    But, IT DID, IT DID!!!!

    “Today is the day of the New Creation” so saith the great Xzpzntzl, great god of the New Last Thursdayism.

    Damn skeptics.

  11. Greco says

    There is still time for the world to end today, but I really hope it won’t. There’s X-Men 3 tomorrow, the World Cup, my birthday and Superman Returns in June.

    Now if Argentina wins in July 9th, the whole universe may collapse for all I care.